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How to Prepare for Your Tests and Exams

As a PMBA student, you will have many tests and exams to take on a regular basis. How do you prepare effectively? Here are four easy steps for you that can help you always be ready and stress-free.

Five Easy Steps To Be Prepared For Tests and Stress-Free

  • Prepare in advance: start with the end in mind, ask yourself “What Grade Do I Want?” Probably an A or a B, right? So What will it take to get that grade? Now you know how much you need to know on the day of the test.
  • Schedule time at least every other day to study for your classes. Make notes as you go: while you have some great break-troughs and aha-moments, put them on paper. You’ll need them later.
  • Take screenshots as you read your material. Some professors will allow a help-sheet on the exam. If you take screenshots of useful terms, formulas, etc – you have all you need for that help-sheet already.
  • Repeat, repeat, and repeat. And practice exercises several times.
  • Go to bed early before the exam and sleep well. Your brain will have a better clarity and focus if you let it rest.

Hope you’ll do well on your test using my tips. Good luck and stay tuned for more tips!

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How to Find Time to Prepare for PMBA

To prepare for PMBA, you will need to take several steps discussed in this blog before. Among those are GMAT, application process, interview, recommendation collection, essay writing; if you’re not a native English speaker, there will also be Academic English Test included, and more. So, how do you find time to prepare?

Four Easy Steps to Find Time to Prepare for PMBA at GSU:

  • Cut off TV-watching time and spend it reading appropriate books and taking GMAT or English classes
  • Wake up 30 min earlier each day and collect your ideas for essay writing first thing in the morning
  • Spend your lunch breaks eating at a cafeteria with a colleague who can provide written recommendations for you
  • Listen to leadership audio books while in the car – that information will help you get inspired for your MBA interview

Hope these tips were helpful. Learn more about PMBA here.

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