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How to Stand Out on LinkedIn [You Have 225+ Million Competitors There Today]

In my previous post I promised to share some details about how I found a job on LinkedIn right away. Let’s talk about how to actually stand out on LinkedIn when you have 225+ million competitors there today. So, I already showed you my profile stats. Here’s more about my LinkedIn – the so-called secrets of success:

  • My LinkedIn profile URL is my actual name [see the screenshot below]
  • I have 2034 connections 95% of which are in the Atlanta area,
  • I belong to 52 relevant to my interests groups and I’m active there,
  • I update my status regularly with interesting articles, blogs I write, and other information about what I do,
  • I have a professionally-done profile picture with a friendly smile on it,
  • I have a comprehensive summary as a plain text and in bullet points for those who don’t have time to read through,
  • I have projects I accomplished and courses / certifications I completed listed under an appropriate category,
  • My tagline is very specific and targeted and speaks out for me,
  • I’ve been endorsed for my skills as well as recommended nearly 40 times by people,
  • and finally I have ACCOMPLISHMENTS area for each of my positions.

My profile’s strength is rates as “ALL STARS ”

Anna Stevens' LinkedIn

Anna Stevens' LinkedIn

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

Anna Stevens

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

The secret is this: you don’t build your LinkedIn profile in a day. It takes time and the trust of people. But if you stay consistent and do what it takes, keep your profile professional, relevant, fresh, and unique, you will stand out in the 225+ million members LinkedIn community.

On Wed next week I will show you my Accomplishments-Based Resume and the EXACT cover letter I submitted, after which I got a call from a decision maker in 15 min. Stay tuned!

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Teaching Strategies for Success with LinkedIn

When I started my internship at Raise, my goal became to integrate the company’s overall strategy with its media, particularly, social media strategy. Just recently I worked with the staff-member Logan, who has just recently joined Raise and is now responsible for PR, media and social media. My job is to teach Logan everything I know, so when I leave, she can move forward on her own. Interestingly, Logan had no recommendations on LinkedIn and only 75 connections. It’s hard to be viewed as a credible expert in social media and PR in a situation like this. Simply put, if you position yourself as a great tailor, but your own clothes do not fit, what else can I say???…. You know what I mean 🙂

In just one day, working with Logan on her LinkedIn profile, we created a comprehensive copy that speaks for Logan’s achievements! We developed a section called ACCOMPLISHMENT for each of her previous experiences, and now she has several recommendations instead of zero! Great results!

Below are the screenshots Logan allowed me to share, so you can see how in just one day we added credibility to her professional profile. The picture of us was taken the minute Logan got her second recommendation!

Anna Stevens and Logan Hooks

Anna Stevens and Logan Hooks

I also wanted to share with you the template for a request of a recommendation that I developed for Logan. You can use it for yourself – never ever send a generic LinkedIn recommendation request: always make it personal and warm.


Your opinion is very important to me, so, I thought, perhaps, you could recommend me for YOUR SKILLS. I was also wondering if you could comment on my work ethic and time management skills OR ANY OTHER QUALITIES YOU’d LIKE TO BE RECOMMENDED FOR.

If you would like to share anything else about working with me, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much in advance.


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