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New Semester: Ready to Rock!

Hey, everyone! We’re back from the break and ready to rock during this upcoming semester! Great news! This time one of the electives is very unusual: it’s a field study – intership with an entrepreneurial company for the whole semester! Wow! When I had heard about this opportunity for the first time, I got so excited: I applied immediately 😉 I was accepted – the process consisted of a Resume submission and also you had to find a company where you’d like to do your internship, the company had to be approved by the professor, and you had to pass the interview with that company. It’s like  job searching 🙂

I am very passionate about Marketing, Social Media, Branding etc. And I also care a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility. So, I was looking for something in that range. And….. I was lucky enough to actually find it! The company is called RaiseGlobal.org and needs someone to implement Marketing, Social Media and other initiatives while connecting socially-responsible brands with non-profits! Ideal match! Here’s a picture of me after my interview on December 4th 2012.


Anna Stevens

And now I will keep you updated on all the new things I do, learn and discover through my internship at Raise! Excited? As always, check in every Wed and Sat to read fresh blog-post I write 🙂 See you soon!

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