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Full Circle

This Saturday is our two last finals. As we will be taking a 4-hour test for Strategy Analysis, our professor Dr. Bogner will be doing Orientation for new PMBA students at Buckhead campus… What does it mean? It means we’ve come a full circle: from beginning to end. Frankly speaking, there’s still a lot I could share with you, but this is my last blog (there will be one more later in August when I receive the images from our PMBA graduation at Magiano’s on the 31st of this month). I wanted to use this last opportunity to share with you how I feel about the PMBA at Robinson.

Where I Started:

  • Being from Russia, I was concerned that my English would not be good enough, but I had no problem performing at my best while on the program, so you shall never hesitate if English is not your native language.
  • Being new to the country, I thought maybe I won’t adjust and won’t handle graduate studies well enough, yet it was actually not impossible to get through the program, and I was able to even maintain GPA of 3.72
  • Being a busy business owner and a wife with two stepsons, I was afraid there would be no time for me to keep us with homework and classes as well as frequent team interactions and meetings; however, it was very manageable I’d say.
  • Being from a different culture, I was puzzled about the new systems and processes, yet PMBA administrative staff did a great job making us feel taken care of, and today I can honestly say that it is a premium program for a reason – it provides high-end, premium service to make the PMBA experience a very pleasant one for you.

Where I’m Finishing:

  • I’ve learned many great concepts, frameworks, tools, and mindsets that helped me in my own business and now are applied on my new job as a Marketing Manager
  • I’ve developed essential critical thinking habits to stay open-minded and available to new opportunities whenever those come (so that I can actually recognize them and take advantage of them)
  • I’ve met so many amazing people and expanded my LinkedIn network by 2,066 people while being a PMBA student; these connections are priceless, and many of them would have never been possible had it not been for the PMBA
  • I’ve gained a strong competitive advantage which will always help me stand out among other professionals as long as I’m able to communicate the value of my credentials and knowledge.
  • I’ve obtained a very unique approach to problem-solving that assists me in my daily personal and professional life, and most of all I have perfected my negotiation skills that have already been utilized in a variety of situations to my benefit.

I loved it and I truly believe that no matter how busy you are, you should just go for it! PMBA is your instant ticket to success!



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More of the “behind the scenes” for you

More of the “behind the scenes” for you today. This time I’ll share my poster presentation for Organizational Behavior. It was about any book I like. I chose Google’s Search Inside Yourself. Below id the summary I created as well as the exact posts I glue to my board. Also, I had little cards as giveaways to those who asked many questions. It was fun!


Poster Presentation Anna Stevens

Anna Stevens




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Pictures from the Commencement Brunch

It’s Saturday! As promised, here is a series of very cool commencement brunch pictures for you. LIKE / comment if enjoy those!


Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens Commencement Brunch GSU 2013 Anna Stevens



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PR Strategies: #1

In the next 5 posts I will share with you some PR strategies that became a part of the outcome of my internship at RAISE. I thought you’d enjoy and perhaps it can also be of a direct benefit to you and what you do.

Again, RAISE is a hybrid of non-profit / for-profit. The company partners with a diversity of corporations and consumers to create long-lasting, sustainable solutions for global problems.

PR strategies by Anna Stevens: strategy #1


Media people are always on a lookout for heroes – people who make a difference in the community, win awards, getting recognized by others. To accomplish that, you need to belong to some associations, clubs, and be involved. You compete for the attention of the media with thousands of other great entities that do make a difference in sustainability as well. Thus, belonging to some organizations could bring your visibility to the next level. As an example, Channel 2 WSB TV has People To People show that features those who make a difference. The only condition is that it MUST be a non-profit. Consequently, getting involved with a non-profit could bring you media attention.  I suggest that you join those associations that are relevant to your projects and become active there. This will help you spread the word about what you do and attract media.

Next PR tip is in the next post: remember, this blog gets updated every Wed and Sat at 8 am.

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How to Manage an MBA Life

You are a professional working 5 days a week. You are also a parent. There are family and friends who need your time as well. Plus, working out, cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery-shopping….you name it! How can you manage to add being an MBA student to the list? Here are some tips for you.

Four Tips on How to Successfully Manage an MBA Life

  • When at work, focus on work to be able to accomplish as much as possible WHILE there, so you don’t take work home
  • When in your car commuting back and forth, make calls to family members and friends to share your life and news
  • When at home, focus on your children and spouse for some period of time undividedly
  • When the children are in bed, schedule time to study every evening and focus your mind then on your school fully

By shifting your mind from one area to another and by focusing your attention on only one are AT A TIME will help you give your best to each of your roles and will prevent you from getting exhausted, which is exactly how you will feel if you decide to do EVERYTHING at once.

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How to Find Time to Prepare for PMBA

To prepare for PMBA, you will need to take several steps discussed in this blog before. Among those are GMAT, application process, interview, recommendation collection, essay writing; if you’re not a native English speaker, there will also be Academic English Test included, and more. So, how do you find time to prepare?

Four Easy Steps to Find Time to Prepare for PMBA at GSU:

  • Cut off TV-watching time and spend it reading appropriate books and taking GMAT or English classes
  • Wake up 30 min earlier each day and collect your ideas for essay writing first thing in the morning
  • Spend your lunch breaks eating at a cafeteria with a colleague who can provide written recommendations for you
  • Listen to leadership audio books while in the car – that information will help you get inspired for your MBA interview

Hope these tips were helpful. Learn more about PMBA here.

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How to Figure Out if PMBA is a Good Fit for You

To figure out if PMBA at Robinson is a good fit for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to connect and build relationships with thousands of like-minded professionals?
  • Do I want to create a strong competitive advantage on the job market for myself?
  • Do I want to secure a sustainable future for my career?
  • Do I want to advance my knowledge and develop essential for the modern market work competencies?

If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, PMBA is a perfect fit for you. Click here to learn more and take action!

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SMART Goals for Project Managers

We just started Project Management class this past Monday, and I was very impressed that our professor talked about SMART goals for project managers: Specific, Measurable, action-oriented, realistic and Time-bound.

We rad and discussed a case, in which a group of people took on a project that they approached with no plan and without “the end in mind”. That led to huge expenses for the company, unfinished project, diminished credibility of the group, frustration by the members, and disappointment by the manager.

So, I thought I’d share with you the PDF file I created some time ago for SMART goals setting. You may rephrase the questions to make them fit to your specific project and team, but the framework is universal.

If you like it, leave a comment please.

SMART Goals Templates and Questions



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Annie Mitchell from Apple Inc for the PMBA Students!

Annie Mitchell Apple

Annie Mitchell

I shared with you many of extraordinary events that are hosted exclusively for us – the PMBA students. This one is really REALLY unique though!

We were invited to hear from Annie Mitchell, the director of the K-20 Marketing Team for Apple. She shared Apple’s history in education, vision and mission for a learning environment, discussed how faculty and students are using mobile devices and digital content to create, collaborate, innovate and communicate across all disciplines.

Annie presented to the Buckhead students on Thursday, February 28th. This was a very VERY special guest!

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Atlanta Business RadioX Event

On the 29th of January, during my internship, Carol and I attended the Atlanta Business RadioX networking event. We met many wonderful people from Atlanta’s business-community. Carol has been invited to be interviewed on multiple radio-shows about the great cause she promotes with her business. It is going to be a beginning of something big for Raise – I know it! Exciting!!!!!!!! Below are two pictures: me and Carol and me with Lee Kantor, the creator and founder of Atlanta Business RadioX. Enjoy!Anna Stevens and Carol McKown Anna Stevens and Lee Kantor

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