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How to Find Time to Prepare for PMBA

To prepare for PMBA, you will need to take several steps discussed in this blog before. Among those are GMAT, application process, interview, recommendation collection, essay writing; if you’re not a native English speaker, there will also be Academic English Test included, and more. So, how do you find time to prepare?

Four Easy Steps to Find Time to Prepare for PMBA at GSU:

  • Cut off TV-watching time and spend it reading appropriate books and taking GMAT or English classes
  • Wake up 30 min earlier each day and collect your ideas for essay writing first thing in the morning
  • Spend your lunch breaks eating at a cafeteria with a colleague who can provide written recommendations for you
  • Listen to leadership audio books while in the car – that information will help you get inspired for your MBA interview

Hope these tips were helpful. Learn more about PMBA here.

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I feel so lucky this semester!

I feel so lucky this semester! Why? Simply because I was able to accomplish so much in my own business while taking classes as a PMBA student at GA State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business. The third class this semester had not started until just recently, so from January until now I had only two classes, one of which is my internship. I feel lucky because Raise Global – my internship company – allowed me to do my work at my own convenience on the days I chose, the time that works perfectly for me, and – hear this – if I don’t feel good, I can work from home. Even though I really love their location at the Queen and Kind in Ashford-Dunwoody area 🙂 How great!

This has been a super-awesome experience, and I feel very happy that I had made my decision to join PMBA two years ago. It has been a pleasure, not a struggle at all. I can’t believe the program is almost over… Time flies! Check back next time for the details about our graduation 🙂

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PMBA Students are Spoiled!

PMBA students are spoiled! We really are! In Buckhead, where I have my classes, we are so well taken care of: not only do we get help registering for each semester, our parking tickets are paid for and brought to us, our book are given to us right to our hands each semester, but also we have delicious snacks available for us all day long, we have coffee, tea, water, juice, sodas and more! AREN’T WE SPOILED?

PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury

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Jim Copeland from Deloitte as a guest speaker on PMBA

Jim Copeland retired as Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte & Touche USA LLP – a global consulting company. For our last class on Leadership, we studied the Deloitte case, and Jim Copeland was our guest-speaker.

He shared a lot with us from his global managerial and leadership experiences, and all was interesting, but the most attention-catching was the model of strategic planning Jim Copeland introduced us to. He said that whether he’d work on a strategy for a church, a global company or any size business, he’d use this model to establish its self-identity first and then utilize the discoveries to better communicate the value-proposition of an organization, internally and externally.

The first question he asks is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” All the questions on this model are a good thought-provokative exercise on discovering and exploring the possibilities and making choices.

Here’s this model:

Anna Stevens and Jim Copeland of Deloitte

This is me and Jim Copeland after class:

Anna Stevens and Jim Copeland of Deloitte

Me and Jim Copeland of Deloitte

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Video from our PMBA Negotiation Class

Look behind the scene in this video from our class-presentation Alex and I have done in the Negotiation class on PMBA!

This video should give you a good idea of what the class-life and environment are like and the activities we practice.

Also, check out our pictures!

Next Wed check back for the pictures from the Corporate Finance class and my favorite professor – Dr. Fendler!

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Wallace Buran of Brand Velocity INC as a Guest Speaker on PMBA at GA State

Our Leadership class gets more and more exciting as we have more of amazing guest-speakers presenting to us their experiences, business-lessons they’ve learned over their extensive careers, and share their expert-advice with us on how to be successful. On Monday 11/12/12 we had Wallace Buran of Brand Velocity, Inc as a guest-speaker on PMBA at GA State.

Wallace Buran

This presentation was about strategy, but what I wanted to share with you is some quotes I got from Wally Buran. He has a very interesting way of speaking – most of what he said was like a line of wisdom to be printed out on a big sheet of paper and hanged on the wall 🙂 Here you go!

“Hope is not a very good strategy.”

“If you ever want to change performance of a company, there should be some kind of transformation.”

“The standard project-management tools don’t work with transformation because the operating model is the very problem, and that can only be changed from the top leadership level.”

“There are two types of transformation: Play the game better & Play a better game”. [THIS ONE IS My FAVORITE 🙂  – Anna]

“One of the myths is that the CEO leads a transformation. CEOs, who think so, are killing themselves. People, who report to CEOs, lead transformation.”

“Transformation has to be supported, endorsed and encouraged by the leadership, but it has to be DRIVEN by the organization”

Did you like these? I sure did! I hand-written all of them in red 🙂 Very inspiring!

Check back soon and see what’s new with us on PMBA at GA State University!

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Frank Blount’s Leadership Adventures and Lessons Learned

So, Frank’s wife said “yes” to the opportunity! I hope you know what I’m talking about, and if not, CLICK HERE.

He had been in Australia a lot on business-trips, so it wasn’t a too foreign country to him. He was invited to come and explore the job, but…. as an UNDERCOVER.  Why? The companies were merging at that time, and it was important to keep the current CEOs out of it. So, Frank could not use the office at the company as two current CEOs of merging companies didn’t know about Frank’s existence at all. Thus, Frank had a suite set up at a hotel, where he had a table and all appointments were scheduled with all people whom he had to meet, right there at that hotel-suite. His main goal was to help key-people understand ”we can’t stay where we are”, as he said.

The first step was to establish a good benchmark to control company’s expenses around the world. Frank used an outside company to produce the data to establish the benchmarks for each departments separately: HR, Legal, Marketing, Sales etc. Above you will find  the exact data he used back in 1994-1995 to persuade his team. Frank carried this data with him everywhere, presenting it to people with the aim to communicate that f they did not take significant steps toward positive change in the nearest future, the company would be eaten alive…

The major challenge of Frank’s new leadership-position was that out of 93,000 employees at Telstra only 50 were not members of the union… even executives were members of the union… He recalls this: “I was sitting in my office on the 45th floor face to face with Dough during that winter…  and I remember seeing my own reflection in a window…. I looked at myself in a window and told myself: Frank, I dont even know how to do it…”…

Frank was trying to work with the union, but after a year of no progress at all, he gave up. He took a different approach: 11 of his executives and him personally were taking one day out of each week to go out to each out 5,000 locations and talk to people. They did it for years. They’d have an HR person with them, they’d take email addresses for each attendee, they would aim to answer all questions employees asked, right there, and if no answer was found right away, they would e-mail the needed information to the person who needed it within 24 hours. Frank oughted to win the minds and hearts of people, and he did…

I asked Frank Blount, what were 3 major lessons he had learned from his leadership adventures at Telstra. See his responses:

  1. Learn to trust your own gut – there’s always limited time to think when making decision, so trust yourself
  2. Utilize the power of communication – it takes a lot of repetition to get your message out there and persuade people
  3. Get rid of resistant people asap – “you’ve got senior people who don’t buy in, you don’t have time to rehabilitate to it, so don’t delay with getting rid of them” Frank said.

Another question asked was this: What advice would you give us as future CEOs?

You need a group of people who undestand HR, Operations, Engeneering, Marketing, Sales and have unique experience to be good generalists. Also, you need specific experts, who worked forever in just one of these fields. It takes both to achieve success.

I myself had a broad range of experiences when took the position at Telstra. If you work in a company now, get an opportunity to see and explore the big picture. It’s hard to become a CEO, if you only always worked in Accounting or Marketing. Get a variety of experiences, cross-functional experiences.

Wow! That is great information, isn’t it!!! I hope you like reading about our amazing guest-speaker Frank Blount, whom we had a privilege to her in our Leadership class at Robinson College of Business.

One last note: now Frank is back to GA State and serves on the Board of Advisors of Robinson College of Business.

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Tegrity for PMBA Students

I sure remember promising to tell you about the two more events I was planning to attend – The Dinner With The Dean and the Award Reception for those who received scholarships. Unfortunately, I won’t be sharing this info with you. I didn’t go… I still can’t believe I missed these exciting events, but having been very sick with bronchitis, I thought I was living the last days of my life for the last two weeks. I had a fever, exhausting non-stop cough and pain in my ribs…

When appeared in a Saturday class under such conditions, I realized it was impossible to study all day being so weak. Dr. Fendler, our Corporate Finance professor, allowed me to leave and recorded the entire class for me on Tegrity. With that, I felt  as if I were actually in class – I watched Dr. Fendler’s full presentation, heard all the questions by my classmates and the professor’s answers… Almost didn’t miss anything 🙂

This is a very cool service that Robinson College of Business offers to its PMBA student. I played part of the 4 plus hour recording on my Mac, then I got tired and went to bed, watching the class-recording on my iPhone. While at my doctor’s office next day, I watched the rest of the class on my iPad-2. It’s very convenient!

Click HERE  to watch a video that gives you some understanding of how Tegrity works.

PMBA is a premium program, so you can see we ARE treated as premium program students – everything is there to make the PMBA experience unforgettable for us 🙂

Come back next time, and I’ll tell you about our acting-experience on PMBA!

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Strategic Decision That Impacted My Company’s Strategy, Structure and System

I love our Strategic Leadership elective on Mondays! I honestly thought to myself before starting: oh, well, there are so many books I’ve read on Leadership, what else can be taught or learned about it… Oh how wrong was this thinking! So far, everything I’ve learned I found very valuable, and a lot of great new information!

But today I wanted to share with you one of our written home assignments that made me think… You know how you do your own thing and don’t really have time to stop and think and reflect on what’s going on. Well, this assingment made me stop, think and reflect on my business-decisions. The topic was “Strategic Decision That Impacted My Company’s Strategy, Structure and System”. Here’s what I SELF-discovered while working on this paper 🙂

I own a consulting, training and coaching company EQ for Success, LLC, where I design and deliver training and development solutions for a variety of customers.

The company was established in July 2011, and was fully self-funded by me. As the result, my marketing budget was tight, which forced me to utilize a great deal of entrepreneurial bootstrapping strategies. I designed my own website, established Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn company page, YouTube, WordPress blog, started producing and publishing my own educational videos, became a showhostess for Women International Network, I did my own PR, pitched my articles to a variety of popular leadership blogs and professional associations, as the result of which I was published, invited to be interviewed on multiple radio programs, and WSB TV did a story about me – and that was mostly how I would get business. Through on-line marketing, Social Media and PR. It was free and convenient for me.

By Spring 2012, I made a decision to invest in my marketing efforts and build my network off-line. That was a strategic decision that impacted my business significantly in many ways because it required an important shift in my revenue-distribution as every single dollar I earned I now invested in face-to-face networking; also it required some serious changes in my daily routine and schedule; and, finally, there was some fundamental planning and prioritizing to be made as I now had to choose between different business-projects that needed funds. Fortunately, it helped me achieve even higher business-goals than I originally established.

This class really makes me think back and evaluate my accomplishments and also look forward and think long-term. I’ll tell you more in the posts that follow. Check back often!

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Action-Oriented Verbs for Resume

As mentioned before, Robinson College of Business Career Management Center developed a great calendar that actually starts with several career resources and advices listed for students. I found it helpful for myself and wanted to share with you. This time, it is a list of action-oriented verbs for resume. The ones I use often are developed=created=established=invented=produced.

Check it out, print and share! Don’t forget to stay in-touch with this blog as I plan to share more!

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