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Ledership Conversations

Leadership is one of the topics we’ve learned a lot about during the two years here, on PMBA at GA State University. This semester we’re taking Organizational Behavior course, and for the class we had to group with our teams and prepare a topic of our interested and then facilitate a conversation. Several teams talked about how successful leaders lead.

Just a few key takeaways are the following.

Leaders are:

  • authentic
  • self-aware
  • inspired
  • visionary
  • caring
  • doers
  • fair
  • strategic
  • innovative
  • understanding of people’s differences

Also, leaders do:

  • help others grow
  • develop leaders and not followers
  • lead by example
  • encourage accountability
  • promote change

More thoughts about this topic are coming. Feel free to share yours in the comment box.

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PMBA courses

This week we have our first Midterm for the Strategy Analysis class. I have thought about how much I personally have learned in the past two years and how applicable that knowledge is in today’s business environment. Just to let you take a look behind the scenes as I promised before, here are the courses I took:

GA State University

  • Marketing Management (PMBA 8145)
  • Contemporary Strategy Analysis (PMBA 8820)
  • Process Management (MGS 8730)
  • Entrepreneurship Field Study (MGS 4590/8590)
  • Operations Management (PMBA 8155)
  • Corporate Finance (PMBA 8135)
  • Global Competitive Strategy (PMBA 8820)
  • Leading People and Organizations (PMBA 8165)
  • Competing on Operational Excellence (PMBA 8155)
  • Information Technology Management (PMBA 8125)
  • Managerial Accounting (PMBA 8115)
  • Managing in the Global Economy (PMBA 8000)
  • Leading Through Strategic Communications (PMBA 8015)
  • Financial Accounting (PMBA 8025)
  • Legal Environment: Ethics and Corporate Governance (PMBA 8030)
  • Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (PMBA 8050)
  • Project Management: (MGS 8730)
  • Negotiations (MGS 8430)
  • Leadership: Leading the Implementation of Strategy (MGS 8455)

I can honestly say that just by looking at the list you can probably agree that these are VERY applicable in the 21st century’s working space. If you want to see what options are available overall for PMBA students, please click on the link below:


I plan to share with you more about the applicability and use of the knowledge gained, so stay tuned and check back this week on Sat!

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How to Figure Out if PMBA is a Good Fit for You

To figure out if PMBA at Robinson is a good fit for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to connect and build relationships with thousands of like-minded professionals?
  • Do I want to create a strong competitive advantage on the job market for myself?
  • Do I want to secure a sustainable future for my career?
  • Do I want to advance my knowledge and develop essential for the modern market work competencies?

If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, PMBA is a perfect fit for you. Click here to learn more and take action!

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Family Time for PMBA Students

What a great family day event was organized last Saturday for PMBA students! Fun time!!!! Here are some pictures.






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Family Lunch for PMBA in Buckhead

Today we’re enjoying family lunch organized for PMBA students on Buckhead Campus!
Every student is welcome to bring his or her entire family to meet the families of other students!

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Annie Mitchell from Apple Inc for the PMBA Students!

Annie Mitchell Apple

Annie Mitchell

I shared with you many of extraordinary events that are hosted exclusively for us – the PMBA students. This one is really REALLY unique though!

We were invited to hear from Annie Mitchell, the director of the K-20 Marketing Team for Apple. She shared Apple’s history in education, vision and mission for a learning environment, discussed how faculty and students are using mobile devices and digital content to create, collaborate, innovate and communicate across all disciplines.

Annie presented to the Buckhead students on Thursday, February 28th. This was a very VERY special guest!

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The Value of a Tagline for Networking and PR

Many of my friends entrepreneurs have so called taglines to help them stand out in the crowd and also help others remember them. For example, my friend Bonnie Ross Parker has a networking company and is known as the America’s Connection Diva. That’s what she calls herself, that tagline is on her website, blog, e-mail signature, you’ll see it in a magazine that writes about Bonnie – everywhere! Another friend of mine does consulting on LinkedIn and organizes events that are only open for LinkedIn members. Dahlys Hamilton. You may know her as Atlanta’s LinkedIn Godmother. Memorable? Will you be able to recognize her next time you see her after this one time you met? Yest, because there was a tagline that stood out! Ali Brown – Entrepreneurial Guru. Joe Turner – Chief Impossibility Officer. And many more! On the 29th of January I was trying to help Carol, the CEO of Raise where I do my internship, to come up with a tagline that would be easy to remember and help her stand out.

I have been talking about the importance of developing a tagline with Carol for a few days. Carol mainly sees herself as an ideator and visionary, so she doesn’t want to get into details, such as taglines and PR. Yet, I am a believer that all the information in regards to how an entrepreneur is viewed by the public has to come from the heart of that very entrepreneur. So, I’ve been speaking about the value of a tagline as such:

“Imagine you go to a networking event at 200 P’tree in Atlanta called Global Connect. There are 44 bi-lingual Chambers of Commerce present (so think “simple language” as not everyone’s native language is English; if you plan to go global, you’ve got to thing that your C-level client may be speaking limited English, may be blind, may be deaf etc, so all the content on your on-line outlets has to anticipate it and be straightforward and simple). There are 2,000 people at that networking event (that’s how many there were last Summer, I think). So, as each of potential 80 or 100 people, whom you can personally meet there, speaks to you, what do you want them to remember, when they tell their partner about you next day? What is one phrase you want to embed in their memory associated with you?”

Well, somehow, Carol wasn’t buying in immediately, which is, of course, understandable: I am new. So, on the 29th of January there was a networking event next door from Carol’s office. It was hosted by Atlanta Business RadioX . I encouraged Carol to go. So we went. There, Carol was meeting many people and introducing herself similar to this:  “Hi, I’m Carol McKown, my company Raise Global is a hybrid of non-profit and for-profit…” Guess what? All that the people heard was what they wanted to hear: non-profit. So everyone, who was introducing her to people after they’d meet her, would say: “Meet Carol, she can help your non-profit” 🙂 🙂 🙂 Actually, Carol is on a lookout for for-profits to partner with Raise as she already has a line of non-profits in need of help. When we came back to the office, Carol  received a call from a woman, whom she met at that networking event, asking Carol to help the woman’s non-profit buy buses. I think that was a good breakthrough.  Carol said: “Anna, I now know why you’ve been telling me to create a tagline and make people look at me the way I really want them to” 🙂

Yeah!!! Her tagline now is “Chief Solutionism Officer”, by which people will likely be intrigued and ask to learn more about her business 🙂

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How to Develop a Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile

Many people are confused about how to develop a comprehensive LinkedIn profile. It takes some time and thought. I was recently helping the company, where I do entrepreneurial field study, to go through this process. I’d say that after you filled out all the information about your employers and awards, go through the questions below to determine how you  would like to be seen by people, introduces to others, and spoken about.

What is the tag-line you’d like to see and hear after your name when being introduced on Fox News? ___________________________________________________________________

Imagine that you are invited to be featured in Entrepreneur magazine. They ask your bio
Using professional language, in ten complete sentences answer the following question: Who are you?


What are the ten key-words you’d like to be found on-line for, when your potential clients who don’t yet know you search for someone like you?


If you accidentally happened to hear two people talk about you at an event, what would you like to hear them say?

How many people know you as a professional?

How many of them could recommend you on LinkedIn? Make a list of names.



I hope it’s been helpful. Next time, I will tell you about the value of a tagline for an entrepreneur. Check back soon!

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PMBA Students are Spoiled!

PMBA students are spoiled! We really are! In Buckhead, where I have my classes, we are so well taken care of: not only do we get help registering for each semester, our parking tickets are paid for and brought to us, our book are given to us right to our hands each semester, but also we have delicious snacks available for us all day long, we have coffee, tea, water, juice, sodas and more! AREN’T WE SPOILED?

PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury

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New Semester: Ready to Rock!

Hey, everyone! We’re back from the break and ready to rock during this upcoming semester! Great news! This time one of the electives is very unusual: it’s a field study – intership with an entrepreneurial company for the whole semester! Wow! When I had heard about this opportunity for the first time, I got so excited: I applied immediately 😉 I was accepted – the process consisted of a Resume submission and also you had to find a company where you’d like to do your internship, the company had to be approved by the professor, and you had to pass the interview with that company. It’s like  job searching 🙂

I am very passionate about Marketing, Social Media, Branding etc. And I also care a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility. So, I was looking for something in that range. And….. I was lucky enough to actually find it! The company is called RaiseGlobal.org and needs someone to implement Marketing, Social Media and other initiatives while connecting socially-responsible brands with non-profits! Ideal match! Here’s a picture of me after my interview on December 4th 2012.


Anna Stevens

And now I will keep you updated on all the new things I do, learn and discover through my internship at Raise! Excited? As always, check in every Wed and Sat to read fresh blog-post I write 🙂 See you soon!

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