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Negotiation Elective

I just love our negotiation class, which I have chosen as an elective!

 What we learn there is so valuable!

  • How to understand your own objectives and interests as well as your own negotiation style.
  • How to discover the opposite party’s interests, values, motives, underlying assumptions and goals.
  • How to find as many win-win solutions as possible and how to properly evaluate each of them.
  • How to prepare for negotiation, so it’s a success.
  • How to ensure that the agreement will not be breached.
  • And many-many other essential how-tos.

Not only that, the style of this class is very engaging – we hardly sit and take notes, in fact, we only do during movies-watching. Yes, we watch movies with Roger Fisher an his team – it’s a real-life negotiation in action that we can observe and assess to make our own conclusions about the pros and the cons of each negotiation.

We also negotiate with our peers different agreements from case-studies. We prepare a plan for each exercise and then practice. Practice is the most interesting part as you literally live your role while negotiating, even though it’s just a class 🙂 People get stressed, too 🙂 I love it!

What it helped me to accomplish is that we moved to a new place with my family and had no microwave. I was able to negotiate with the office here, so that we are getting a microwave this week!


I will share with you more about this elective in the future posts. Stay with me!

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Interviewing seasoned entrepreneurs and private equity experts

Our Entrepreneurship class is always full of adventures! This time, I will share with you about interviewing seasoned entrepreneurs and private equity experts – see the picture below.

seasoned entrepreneurs and private equity experts Marlin Blackburn, John Lally and Paul Freischlag visiting our class (second from the right is our professor Alan Urech)

What we’ve learned was so valuable! If you upon your graduation decide to go and start own business, you now know what the investors look for when you pitch to them. How cool is that!!! Here are some of the things I’ve learned:

  • When investing in a company, private equity experts look for a long-term return as opposed to that of short-term.
  • Deciding whether or not to invest, they look for a large market (1% of a multimillion-dollar-market is better to compete for than that of a 1-million-dollar-market), how you as a business-owner differentiate yourself from competitors, how good is the management team in your company, what’s your value proposition, and scalability (can this business be scaled?).
  • As an entrepreneur you have to develop your exit-strategy when your company is at the embryo-stage still, so that you can explain to your potential investor where you are going with your business.
  • When deciding to sell a company, it has to perform at its best, the market has to be receptive (some great ideas were left at the table after the 09/11 simply because the market was not receptive), and a professional agency has to be used for valuation.

These were the most interesting points, I think, even though I took 4 pages of notes. Today, in a conversation with another business-owner, I have realized how much I had learned in my Entrepreneurship class this semester and how vital this knowledge is in my day-to-day business-life. Even if I didn’t find anything else interesting (which can’t happen since I loved the majority of courses so far), just this class alone is something I would consider PMBA for, if I had to start all over again. I am so excited about next semester’s electives!!!! Now it’s time for a break until the 23rd of August… You will hear from me again then!

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The Gift of Time

On June 9th, 2012 I received the gift of time from my Marketing Management professor James Boles.

My husband Philip Day lives in Savannah, GA while I live in Atlanta, GA. Most of the time, we only see each other on weekends: Philip leaves the office in Savannah after  his last patient, drives for 4-4.5 hours, and arrives home around 11 pm. We spend a little time that evening having a glass of wine, talking and sharing. Next day, Saturday, is usually our ONLY full day together. Then, on Sunday, Pilip leaves around 1:30 pm to go back to Savannah.

As I started my MBA courses, the program ran every OTHER Thursday and Saturday. Which still left me and my husband two Saturdays a month. This semester though for 8 weeks (June and July) my school is EVERY Saturday. That means NO TIME WITH MY HUSBAND at all. ……

On our second school Saturday  this semester, my husband came to have lunch with me at school. During lunch, we both were actually very busy (I had a team-meeting, and he was talking to people)… So, I decided to ask my Marketing Management professor James Boles if he’d allow my husband to be with me in class (Philip and I had a movie-date right after class). The professor said “yes”!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband had an opportunity to be with me for almost 5 hours because of how nice, understanding and flexible my professor is! Even though we just set in class together and I was taking notes and participating in the class discussion while he was doing his work on his laptop, we felt so lucky and so happy that we got a gift of FIVE HOURS together, when we hoped for none.

That gift of time given to us by professor Boles saved us from frustration of being separated for weeks and, instead, filled our hearts with joy. Right after class, we went to the Fork & Screen to watch Madagascar – 3, a very funny cartoon I adore. This time, they added a Russian character there (a tiger name Vitaliy) and that caused me to see my friends sing Russian songs ALL NIGHT in my dreams 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Husband and I at the Fork&Screen Movie Theater

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Our Professor Charges Us $300,000 for Consulting!!!


We started our new, third, semester on the PMBA program. The first day was a lot of fun! And we’ve learned a lot, too. This time we study Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I will tell you more about the Entrepreneurship class later, but now I want to share with you about the Marketing class.

During the class we explore the rules and strategies of effective marketing. We discover the cause and consequence relationship between the marketing activities performed and the impact on business and customer. For that, we are decided on teams and use PharmaSim – the leading marketing management simulation software that allows us to make marketing decisions for our team’s company. The decisions are supposed to be based on marketing research we can buy. We are competing with 4 other teams. The prize is a good grade. Very interesting!

Only one thing shocked me about this class – our professor offered us his consulting services. First time he can consult us for free. But the second time….. he charges $300,000 for his help!!!! $300,000…. in PharmaSim simulating money 🙂 🙂 🙂

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The 10 Events and Other News

Our short 🙂 break is over, and we’re back to school. The new semester brings an exciting opportunity to discover powerful marketing strategies and also explore the secrets of entrepreneurial success. Our professors are real experts. I will share some details about them with you in my later posts. Right now, let me tell you a little about the great break I had and about the events I attended.

Anna Stevens

at 200 P’tree

The full list of events is below:

  • e-Women Network event for professional women at 400 Galerria
  • Interview at Bernadette Boas’ Radio where I was sharing my story and brought WSB TV with me 🙂
  • Global Connect at 200 P’tree where I networked with 1,400 professionals from GA
  • Women’s Leadership Forum by GSU
  • 2012 Hall of Fame
  • Interview at The High Achiever Radio
  • Garden Party at Her Majesty’s Consul General in Atlanta Annabelle Malins’ home
  • Several events at the Buckhead Club
  • Champion for Change event by Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence where I have been volunteering since 2010
  • ECO Magazine release party where I was invited to publish articles on Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainability on a monthly basis

Wow! I’ve been busy 🙂 In the next few posts I will share with you about  Women’s Leadership Forum by GSU and 2012 Hall of Fame events. I will post some great pictures and make a summary of what’s been said and what I’ve learned.

The new blog posts will be published every Saturday and every Wednesday at 8 am NYT.

Stay with me!

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Break! Break! Break!

Ok, ladies and gentlemen! The second semester is over! You can see me jumping on the left 🙂

It was a very interesting time during which I personally learned a lot about social media for customer relationship management, lead-generation and overall business success; I’ve discovered modern principles of innovation and creativity; I’ve explored the trademark and copyright law, and based on the new information I made a few changes to my own website and those of my clients’; I’ve practiced tools and techniques of Managerial Accounting and applied them to making my own business-desicions; I’ve met so many interesting people and heard so many stories of success! It was fabulous!

Now it is time to rest and go back to writing my book. I will keep you up to date with happenings in the next semester which starts in June.

Have a great time in May!

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Our Law Professor Perry Binder

As promised, I am going to tell you some cool funny stuff about our law professor Perry Binder.

Firstly, let me ask you this: how would you imagine a law professor? Probably, annoying and super-serious 🙂 Well, our professor in not like that, believe me! He jokes with us and shares stories to make us laugh.

Secondly, how would you imagine us on Saturday afternoon and evening listening to the law course? Probably, tired and disengaged? Not at all! Our professor uses a special technique to keep us awake 🙂 He speaks quietly – he raises his voice and makes funny faces 🙂 He sits on his chair for a little – he comes close to YOU and speaks to YOU or moves here and there around the room which is very attention-catching. He has a very dynamic personality and a fantastic sense of humor!

Thirdly, how would you imagine we learn the subject? Probably by book. Not only! Our professor utilizes our iPads to have us vote on certain legal and ethical issues. That is so cool and people like it so much that often they ask for it 🙂

I love this class and professor Binder. One thing I forgot to tell you – he is very caring, too, and is here to help you.

I hope you’ll join the PMBA at Robinson and meet my professor in-person. You’ll love it!

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Legal Issues of Modern Society

After the midterm, our law professor Perry Binder (I’ll tell you some funny stuff about him later) gave us an opportunity to write a paper on any legal issue of our interest to earn extra-credit. I sure did use the opportunity to add to my grade. The legal issue I care for is Domestic Violence and I am willing to share with you a story I wrote about. 


In the United States of America, a woman is being beaten up every nine seconds. On average, 24 people per minute become victims of rape, physical violence, or being stalked by an intimate partner in the United States, according to new findings released in December 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Over the course of a year, that equals more than 12 million women and men. Those numbers only tell part of the story – more than 1 million women are being raped in a year, and over 6 million women and men become victims of stalking. These findings emphasize that sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence are major public health problems in the United States.
The social issues of Domestic Violence and sexual assault are mostly covered by laws based on state law. This includes restraining or protection orders, divorce, custody, crimes, and more. There are some federal laws that may be relevant to Domestic Violence situations as well, including immigration and military laws.
Immigrants coming to America are very vulnerable and often become victims of abuse, particularly women. Women with children and women who speak no English are at risk and are more likely to experience Domestic Violence in the United States.

Definition of Domestic Violence.

According to National Domestic Violence Hot Line website, Domestic violence can be defined as a pattern of behavior in any relationship that is used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner. Abuse is physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological actions or threats of actions that influence another person. This includes any behaviors that frighten, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, humiliate, blame, injure or wound someone.

It was April 14, 2006 when I received the first e-mail from HIM who seemed to be just right for me: blond hair, blue eyes, well fit, very athletic, smart, romantic and caring, no children and he had never been married (so he told me). He worked as a Chief Credit Officer at a well-known company, made good living, and in the same time he had a high level of social responsibility fulfilling it by taking care of sick children who were dying from cancer (so he told me). I believed I finally met my Mister Right. Our relationship was warm and romantic. He came to Kursk, Russia multiple times during the three years we were dating for, while I was finishing my Law School and Business School simultaneously. I had arrived to Atlanta, GA on July 31, 2008 to live my happily-ever-after with HIM in the United States. At the time, I spoke no English. I had no friends, no family here, and found myself being totally depend on my american husband who, I believed, truly loved me and had my best interest in mind. My married life was far from what I expected. Mister Right kept me home for 8 months, with no people to communicate to, no phone available to me, no car to give me an opportunity to get around, no Skype to connect with my family in Russia, no English lessons to allow me learn the language and the culture and adjust to the unfamiliar environment, no documents filed with the USCIS to update my legal status, and no money to cover my basic needs.

Besides that, Mister Right made me his house-slave whose purpose was to cook, clean, do laundry for him and sit by his side in front of a TV whenever he wanted. When on September 8th, 2008 he was trying to kill me on a highway in Bainbridge, GA and someone called the police, I told the officer to not take my Mister Right to jail because I was scared in a new country knowing nobody and having no support. What a mistake that was! He did it again on October 20th of 2008. April the 9th, 2009 could have been the last day of my life, but I made it my second birthday by leaving the man and going to a shelter with the 3 officers who arrived that afternoon to save my life. That is when I faced the law related to Domestic Violence in America.

Vulnerability of Abused Women-Immigrants.

Women with children, I’ve discovered, have the priority over single young women like me when it comes to obtaining a space in a shelter, which was why the officer could not find me a safe-house for over 2 hours, calling around GA. When I finally found new so-called home in the International Women’s House in Stone Mountain, GA, I faced with the law again as my Driver’s License, I found out, was expired, so I had suspended registration and no proof of insurance as Mister Right cut it off that very day I left him. I now had 5 traffic citations and had to appear before the trial and defend myself. It took humanity and kindness of the Judge to dismiss my case when she heard my story and saw my letter from the shelter and from the psychiatrist who worked with me at that time. The law in this area is not fully developed in the United States and does not anticipate such situations as the one described above, to which many immigrant-women can relate throughout America.

Temporary Protective Order.

Mister Right was now looking for me everywhere and stalking me on the phone, my e-mail and by text-messaging. Not only was I fearful and concerned about my life and safety, but it also negatively affected my mental conditions. Between April 9th and May 2nd of 2009, I had received 242 e-mails, 234 text-messages, 56 calls and 28 voice-mails from my abuser, so on May 2nd a lady-police-officer answered Mister Right’s call on my phone and informed him that we were filing for a TPO.

According to GAFamilyLaw.com, a Temporary Protective Order (TPO) is a legal document issued by a court to help victims obtain protection from persons abusing, harassing, or stalking them. A TPO will generally prohibit contact between parties and may remove or restrict someone from a certain place or residence.

Based on printed screen shots of my phone and copies of the e-mails I mentioned before, I obtained a TPO against my abuser, which immediately put him out of work and he had to move out of state, which gave me peace of mind.

Immigration Protection.

From May to August 2009 I was looking for an immigration attorney to assist me with my expired paperwork as Mister Right never filed to update my status after we had gotten married. I now faced with the law again when was requested to proof good faith of mine when I had entered the marriage, as well as the fact of actual marital relationship and my good moral character. The challenge was to find a lawyer who would represent me on a pro-bono basis. Immigration Legal Services accepted my case in August of 2009, which gave me an opportunity to finally renew my Driver’s License based on my updated status, so that I was able to get around, meet new people, volunteer, work as a nanny and a house- keeper, earn some leaving, learn English and put my life back together. In August of 2010, I received my permanent status and a 10-year Green Card, after which I was hired to work for Magistrate Court of Fulton County which allowed me to move to my own apartment and become an equal member of the society.

The challenge of the journey here was that the law in the United States does not help to connect the dots for women-immigrants to help them survive Domestic Violence. For example, without SSN you are not allowed to work. To obtain a SSN, you have to have your immigration status current. To have your immigration status current, your husband (who is often the abuser) has to file it for you. If you work with no SSN, you may be pressed with legal charges and will not obtain a legal immigration status. If you don’t obtain a legal status, you may not obtain a SSN….. Many women who experience abuse do not leave their violent partner because they know that the system will not protect them, in fact, may do just the opposite. 300 women in GA committed a suicide due to Domestic Violence because they had no hope and knew that the law would play against them if they broke-free.


Given the facts provided, Mister Right filed for an annulment of our marriage in May of 2009, and a process server served me in the parking garage of the Dekalb Co court house where I appeared to receive my TPO. Not only did Mister Right requested the annulment, but also a compensation of $80,000 from me and my departure from the United States. While in the shelter, I had to call and visit many attorneys only to find out I had to pay thousands of dollars upfront for them to take my case. At the legal clinic of Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence, I met with an attorney from Atlanta Legal Aid Society who later that month announced that, after hearing about my story and seeing my evidences, his colleagues voted to accept my case. After a long-long battle, I obtained so desired divorce in March of 2010, and became forever grateful for the help and support of the Atlanta Legal Aid Society. From that month till this day, I became a dedicated volunteer at Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence and a Domestic Violence advocate for women.
The challenge here is that the law only provides some protection for victims of Domestic Violence and their children. Women-immigrants cannot defend themselves during the divorce process, so they are always in need of legal assistance, which requires financial resources that abused women usually do not have.

According to Speaker’s Task Force on Domestic Violence, when trying to exit a violent situation and obtain services and protections for themselves, many survivors of Domestic Violence report that the processes and procedures they navigate as while seeking legal protection and support services are fragmented, confusing and not user-friendly.

You can watch some of this story if you click here.

Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence 
115 East Maple St, Decatur GA
National DV Hot Line
1−800−799−SAFE (7233) or TTY 1−800−787−3224

I welcome your comments. Share this with those you think may be in need.

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Get Exposed to the International Trade!

As a PMBA candidate, I was offered an opportunity to volunteer at World Chamber of Commerce on February 2nd 2012 and get exposed to the International Trade. What an exciting chance to meet high-end people! World Chamber of Commerce (WCC) has on its Board such individuals as the U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young, President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe, the U.S. Ambassador Charles Shapiro, Consul General of the United Kingdom Annabelle Malins and Consul of Lithuania Roma Klicius. That evening, I really wanted to meet the Mayor Kasim Reed. Even though I couldn’t go because I had classes, later I was offered a position of the Director of Membership there!

If you join the PMBA program, you, too, will be able to volunteer for WCC and attend their events for free. Who knows what doors will open for you then?

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Deepak Chopra is coming to visit us!

I am from Russia. Authors like Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra are very popular in my country. There’s also a local author Natalia Pravdina who supposedly learned from both of them and now teaches thousands of Russian women and men how to be healthy, happy and maintaing harmony in life.

I read my first book by Louise Hay at a very early age. I was so thrilled to discover her self-healing concepts! Then, of course, I read Deepak Chopra, and it became my life dream to meet one of them in-person (which would highly unlikely be possible in Russia). Guess what? Louise Hay is coming to Atlanta on April 14th this year and I was lucky to purchase the ticket for the 15th of April for $150. I was so happy that my life-dream came through!!!! Remember, I only wanted to meet EITHER of them.

I can’t tell you how shocked I was when I received an e-mail from GA State tonight inviting me to see Deepak Chopra on April 12th at 6 pm at GSU! Price? Free! It sounds so unreal to me! This is the coolest thing that could ever happen in one month!

I am very glad I entered the PMBA program – the whole new world opened its doors for me just recently!

Want to read about Deepak Chopra? Just click here.

Want to know more about the event on April 12th at 6 pm? Click here.

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