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Atlanta Business RadioX Event

On the 29th of January, during my internship, Carol and I attended the Atlanta Business RadioX networking event. We met many wonderful people from Atlanta’s business-community. Carol has been invited to be interviewed on multiple radio-shows about the great cause she promotes with her business. It is going to be a beginning of something big for Raise – I know it! Exciting!!!!!!!! Below are two pictures: me and Carol and me with Lee Kantor, the creator and founder of Atlanta Business RadioX. Enjoy!Anna Stevens and Carol McKown Anna Stevens and Lee Kantor

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Wallace Buran of Brand Velocity INC as a Guest Speaker on PMBA at GA State

Our Leadership class gets more and more exciting as we have more of amazing guest-speakers presenting to us their experiences, business-lessons they’ve learned over their extensive careers, and share their expert-advice with us on how to be successful. On Monday 11/12/12 we had Wallace Buran of Brand Velocity, Inc as a guest-speaker on PMBA at GA State.

Wallace Buran

This presentation was about strategy, but what I wanted to share with you is some quotes I got from Wally Buran. He has a very interesting way of speaking – most of what he said was like a line of wisdom to be printed out on a big sheet of paper and hanged on the wall 🙂 Here you go!

“Hope is not a very good strategy.”

“If you ever want to change performance of a company, there should be some kind of transformation.”

“The standard project-management tools don’t work with transformation because the operating model is the very problem, and that can only be changed from the top leadership level.”

“There are two types of transformation: Play the game better & Play a better game”. [THIS ONE IS My FAVORITE 🙂  – Anna]

“One of the myths is that the CEO leads a transformation. CEOs, who think so, are killing themselves. People, who report to CEOs, lead transformation.”

“Transformation has to be supported, endorsed and encouraged by the leadership, but it has to be DRIVEN by the organization”

Did you like these? I sure did! I hand-written all of them in red 🙂 Very inspiring!

Check back soon and see what’s new with us on PMBA at GA State University!

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