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Ledership Conversations

Leadership is one of the topics we’ve learned a lot about during the two years here, on PMBA at GA State University. This semester we’re taking Organizational Behavior course, and for the class we had to group with our teams and prepare a topic of our interested and then facilitate a conversation. Several teams talked about how successful leaders lead.

Just a few key takeaways are the following.

Leaders are:

  • authentic
  • self-aware
  • inspired
  • visionary
  • caring
  • doers
  • fair
  • strategic
  • innovative
  • understanding of people’s differences

Also, leaders do:

  • help others grow
  • develop leaders and not followers
  • lead by example
  • encourage accountability
  • promote change

More thoughts about this topic are coming. Feel free to share yours in the comment box.

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You can lead. Can you inspire?

This semester we’re taking Organizational Behavior course. I love it! It makes us think about things that people usually don’t have time to think about. Also, we have to work on several team-projects for this class. One of them is a facilitation of a topic that interest us. Our team has chosen the following topic:

How Leaders Can Launch Incredible Journeys by Elevating Their People

We plan to talk bout inspirational leaders that encourage creativity and elevate people. One of examples will be Sir. Richard Branson. See how creative he has gotten lately! lol Just click on a picture to watch the video.

p.s: if you only have the time to watch one of these videos, please watch #2, it will crack you up!

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.55.03 PM


How would you feel if YOUR boss was as creative & funny?

Please leave your comments below and share!

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