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How to Manage an MBA Life

You are a professional working 5 days a week. You are also a parent. There are family and friends who need your time as well. Plus, working out, cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery-shopping….you name it! How can you manage to add being an MBA student to the list? Here are some tips for you.

Four Tips on How to Successfully Manage an MBA Life

  • When at work, focus on work to be able to accomplish as much as possible WHILE there, so you don’t take work home
  • When in your car commuting back and forth, make calls to family members and friends to share your life and news
  • When at home, focus on your children and spouse for some period of time undividedly
  • When the children are in bed, schedule time to study every evening and focus your mind then on your school fully

By shifting your mind from one area to another and by focusing your attention on only one are AT A TIME will help you give your best to each of your roles and will prevent you from getting exhausted, which is exactly how you will feel if you decide to do EVERYTHING at once.

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MBA As Your Competitive Advantage

New semester and new school-year (the final for us!) started with a successful open house, which I will share with you about next Wed at 8 am. I was there to support PMBA and help potential PMBA candidates understand what it’s like to be a PMBA student and what it takes to become one. A very interesting question was asked there by an attendee.

What is the chance for success after graduation from PMBA?

First, I must say the knowledge you gain on the program is worth millions of dollars, because, unlike any other graduate programs in different schools, PMBA does not offer “tell-n-sell” types of presentations to you. You don’t come there with a pen and a notebook to listen to a professor and take notes. Instead, each class is a discovery: everyone participates in a discussion and shares diverse opinions. People in your class are going to be from all around the world, representing a variety of age-groups and professional backgrounds. It is as if you were getting free consulting-services by 38 international consultants! How would you like that? You don’t actually just learn from book-reading and case-studying. You rather learn from a combination of discussions, presentations (by you and your classmates), hands-on activities and the like. So, the unique knowledge you obtain during the PMBA program will provide you with a strong competitive advantage to ensure your long-term success.  

Besides that, there are many opportunities for meeting people, who have “the golden key” to the “door” that leads to your next best opportunity. Your professors will invite guest-speakers (COO of UPS, for example), you will be able to get the access to the huge GSU LinkedIn network, you will be provided with several chances to attend great events, such as Business Hall of Fame or Women’s Leadership Forum (complimentary!), and many-many other great ways to gain exposure in your industry, establish good business-connections and demonstrate your expertise and the value you bring to the table. So, a strong  network of  like-minded professionals, many of whom are decision-makers, will allow for another competitive advantage.

I can keep going on and on with the list, but the best illustration of your chances to succeed is this story, which one of the attendees of the open house shared with me as we walked to the parking garage. He is a 40+ high-level professional, with years of strong background in his field. He was interviewing for a very desired position. And he said this: “On the final stage, I got beaten by a kid with an MBA. I was very upset as it was a $400,000 job. It became clear to me what the next step should be, and that is why I am here, at the PMBA open house, today”. … Enough said, right?

PMBA will help you develop the essential skills and competencies and supply you with knowledge and tools you need to stand out among competitors and be successful, whether as an employee or a business-owner.

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Overview of the first year on the PMBA program

Well, well, well…. One years has almost past since all of us entered the PMBA program. How has it been? What have I learned? How do I like it so far? What are my expectations of the next year? All of these questions will be answered in today’s overview of the first year on the PMBA program.

How has it been? The program itself has been a fun experience – nothing like I’d imagined a year ago 🙂 It’s not just boring staff you hear while sitting in your class for hours taking notes all day while listening to your professor. The classes for us are organized in a very interactive manner that is much more beneficial for our learning and expansion of out professional views. Professors only there to guide a discussion. The discussion happened between all the classmates, opinions are being supported by real-life examples, and at the end of each class you feel like WOW – that’s how much you learn in a very unique way.

What have I learned? I have learned more than was expected 🙂 Not only did I learn and was reminded some essential general business and other concepts that lay a foundation for success and sustainability in a business-world, but also I’ve learned diverse variety of subject-specific real-life concepts to grow my own business.

How do I like it so far? I like being on the program overall, and I like a few particular things, too, such as the location (only 8 min away from my home and so close to everywhere I go!), the latest technology available to us (such as printers for our i-Pads, video-conferencing, Tagrity to participate in a class remote when you travel or sick etc.), clean and modern environment to help us relax and concentrate on learning and many other little things that make a big difference.

What are my expectations of the next year? Next year I expect to be more challenging as we will take electives and be separates from our cohort partly, but also it should be very interesting. I am taking some great electives like Social Media Marketing, Negotiations etc. Of course, I expect to apply what I’ll learn in my business right away (I sure will tell you about it as we go).

This Summer I realized that in my mind I was still in May last year, when we just started enrolling on the PMBA program. Time fli

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Our Professor Charges Us $300,000 for Consulting!!!


We started our new, third, semester on the PMBA program. The first day was a lot of fun! And we’ve learned a lot, too. This time we study Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I will tell you more about the Entrepreneurship class later, but now I want to share with you about the Marketing class.

During the class we explore the rules and strategies of effective marketing. We discover the cause and consequence relationship between the marketing activities performed and the impact on business and customer. For that, we are decided on teams and use PharmaSim – the leading marketing management simulation software that allows us to make marketing decisions for our team’s company. The decisions are supposed to be based on marketing research we can buy. We are competing with 4 other teams. The prize is a good grade. Very interesting!

Only one thing shocked me about this class – our professor offered us his consulting services. First time he can consult us for free. But the second time….. he charges $300,000 for his help!!!! $300,000…. in PharmaSim simulating money 🙂 🙂 🙂

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The 10 Events and Other News

Our short 🙂 break is over, and we’re back to school. The new semester brings an exciting opportunity to discover powerful marketing strategies and also explore the secrets of entrepreneurial success. Our professors are real experts. I will share some details about them with you in my later posts. Right now, let me tell you a little about the great break I had and about the events I attended.

Anna Stevens

at 200 P’tree

The full list of events is below:

  • e-Women Network event for professional women at 400 Galerria
  • Interview at Bernadette Boas’ Radio where I was sharing my story and brought WSB TV with me 🙂
  • Global Connect at 200 P’tree where I networked with 1,400 professionals from GA
  • Women’s Leadership Forum by GSU
  • 2012 Hall of Fame
  • Interview at The High Achiever Radio
  • Garden Party at Her Majesty’s Consul General in Atlanta Annabelle Malins’ home
  • Several events at the Buckhead Club
  • Champion for Change event by Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence where I have been volunteering since 2010
  • ECO Magazine release party where I was invited to publish articles on Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainability on a monthly basis

Wow! I’ve been busy 🙂 In the next few posts I will share with you about  Women’s Leadership Forum by GSU and 2012 Hall of Fame events. I will post some great pictures and make a summary of what’s been said and what I’ve learned.

The new blog posts will be published every Saturday and every Wednesday at 8 am NYT.

Stay with me!

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Find Success in Your Network

As we are looking into choosing an MBA program, we are concerned about several matters. One of very important ones is what kind of networking opportunities the school offers for its students. Why is networking important? Because when you invest time and money into something like this you want to make sure you get THE BEST in return, right? While at school, you want to meet many like-minded professionals, learn as much as possible, build relationships for life because you never know where the road will take you. The more great people you know the more chances you have to find that DREAM OPPORTUNITY.

As a PMBA candidate you will have the access to many networking events. Some of them are formal, some informal, but the goal is to help you meet students like you, experienced professionals, who are looking to expend their horizons.

For instance, in the end of November 2011 we had Dinner with the Dean. 50 MBA candidates got together with the Dean and had a nice dinner, listened to some music, had some wine 🙂   We got to ask a lot of interesting and important questions and met a great deal of good people. What a pleasant surprise was to find out that PMBA offers several internship, mentorship and other beneficial programs. We also got the answers about scholarships, studies abroad etc. It was fun! And it was FREE!

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Five Easy Steps to Get You into the Gradschool

Interested in how to enroll in the Professional MBA program at GA State University? No worries! I’ll tell you everything!

First step is the hardest one – make up your mind. You really need to question yourself, discover what you want, how committed you want to be to your higher education, how much money you can invest and how much time you have.

Secondly, take a GMAT prep course and the GMAT test itself. Good luck! Hey, BTW, depending on your education and GPA, GMAT can be waived 🙂 Yes, I’m sure. Luckily, mine was waived as I have a JD degree and a high GPA of 4.0. BUT! You may be asked WHY you think the test should be waived for you, so prepare.

Thirdly, if you are an immigrant (well, if you are, this actually will be your FIRST step), take an Academic English Test. There are two types of them and a set standard for a score from each one. It your score is high enough, follow next steps. If not, you can ask me how I prepared – perhaps it will help you. No, I did not take any courses. I did read lots of books and professional magazines, though.

Forth step is to prepare and submit your application alone with your Resume and Essays. I know there are some folks out there who offer to write your resume and help you prepare for the interview and essays, but my honest advice is LOOK WITHIN YOURSELF. If you pretend you’re something you are not, you may get through the admission, but you can’t pretend for two years, right? So, essays. How do you write those? Again, ask yourself questions that are offered as topics, and just role-play as if you were an outside interviewer and the other YOU were to respond. Write it down. You can get some good ideas from professional magazines, good books on self-development. Just be honest with yourself. The structure of each essay is easy: tell them what you’re gonna tell them, tell them, tell them, tell them, tell them what you’ve told them. Google this method – that’s what I used for my essays.

The final step is the interview – it was fun for me! I absolutely enjoyed, and honestly it was the easiest step. I was fully prepared though.

Good luck!

Just remember: all the reasoning and your best answers are within you, so just ask YOURSELF!!!! It won’t help with GMAT and English Test, no 🙂

Good luck!

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Why GA State and Why PMBA?

In December of 2010, I decided to advance my education. Even though I had earned a Juris Doctor and a Bachelors of Business Administration Degrees in Russia, I wanted to make sure I stay on top of opportunities in our highly competitive world of global business.

I was choosing between Emory University, Kennesaw State and Ga State Universities. I wanted something that would give me a good credit in the future – a good school with established reputation. I found out that according to World Report and US News, GA State’s MBA programs have been ranked in the 10% of best part-time MBA programs in America. That fits me well! I also wanted a convenient location and an affordable price. I live in Buckhead, so it turned out that GSU had Professional MBA program in their location that’s 10 minutes away from my home. Great! In addition, I wanted the schedule to be set for the 24 months of the program in advance. Attending an open-house, I discovered that if join PMBA, I would receive my schedule for 2 years on my first day of class. Wonderful! The next criteria was network. I wanted to be sure that when I graduate, I will be able to have a better opportunity for success. Well, GSU, I’ve discovered, is the 6th largest school in the nation which means to me I will have the access to the huge off-line and on-line alumni network to meet like-minded people and expand my horizons. The school has also been among the best for the last 16 years which means to me I will have a better chance to obtain my dream-job as my degree will be well-recognized. I must also mention, I am a small business owner. I kinda didn’t make up my mind yet whether I want to pursue my business or obtain a job in an international corporation. It was a pleasant surprise that GA State offers 200 electives for me to choose from which means I will be able to take classes I am really interested in and will benefit most from. As an international person who traveled the world I like to be around different people from different countries. Fortunately, the body of students at GSU consist of diversity of professionals from 150 countries which means to me that I will be able to experience as many cultures as could be ever imagined in a short period of time and will be most prepared to enter the multi-cultural world of today’s workplace.

Overall, it appeared to me that GA State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business is a forward-looking, urban school that promotes and actually offers the latest in business, management, marketing, communications, and technology which means to me that when I graduate, I will be confident about having the most advanced knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the modern world. As a part of it, PMBA is a premium program which means I won’t have to worry about registering for classes, buying book etc: all this is being done FOR me, so  that I have more time to concentrate on balancing my school, career, and personal life.

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Welcome to our Blog!

Are you a professional with at least 4 years of working experience? Are you looking to build success?

To keep pace in today’s complex business landscape, professionals need a portfolio of skills and real-world experience. The Professional MBA program is designed to help students develop the educational grounding to compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

The teaching approach here combines real-world application with dynamic class forums, case studies, lectures and student presentations.

The Professional MBA program is offered in a 24-month format. The program is offered at three locations: the Alpharetta, Buckhead and Peachtree-Dunwoody campuses.

A hallmark of Robinson’s PMBA program is its lockstep format. Students work together with the faculty as a cohort, proceeding through the classes as a group. This lockstep format fosters peer learning, an atmosphere of collaboration, and allows students to build lifelong business networks.

This students’ blog will give you valuable insights on the PMBA program: the interview process, the enrollment, how classes are organized, what great professional tools students are being offered, for example a great deal of FREE networking events, career couching, career EXPOs, workshops, trainings, personal and professional assessments and so forth.

To ensure that you get all of or latest updates straight in your e-mail box on a regular basis, FOLLOW our blog and we guarantee that you will be given the most valuable insights to help you make your final decision choosing an MBA program for future success.

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