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Full Circle

This Saturday is our two last finals. As we will be taking a 4-hour test for Strategy Analysis, our professor Dr. Bogner will be doing Orientation for new PMBA students at Buckhead campus… What does it mean? It means we’ve come a full circle: from beginning to end. Frankly speaking, there’s still a lot I could share with you, but this is my last blog (there will be one more later in August when I receive the images from our PMBA graduation at Magiano’s on the 31st of this month). I wanted to use this last opportunity to share with you how I feel about the PMBA at Robinson.

Where I Started:

  • Being from Russia, I was concerned that my English would not be good enough, but I had no problem performing at my best while on the program, so you shall never hesitate if English is not your native language.
  • Being new to the country, I thought maybe I won’t adjust and won’t handle graduate studies well enough, yet it was actually not impossible to get through the program, and I was able to even maintain GPA of 3.72
  • Being a busy business owner and a wife with two stepsons, I was afraid there would be no time for me to keep us with homework and classes as well as frequent team interactions and meetings; however, it was very manageable I’d say.
  • Being from a different culture, I was puzzled about the new systems and processes, yet PMBA administrative staff did a great job making us feel taken care of, and today I can honestly say that it is a premium program for a reason – it provides high-end, premium service to make the PMBA experience a very pleasant one for you.

Where I’m Finishing:

  • I’ve learned many great concepts, frameworks, tools, and mindsets that helped me in my own business and now are applied on my new job as a Marketing Manager
  • I’ve developed essential critical thinking habits to stay open-minded and available to new opportunities whenever those come (so that I can actually recognize them and take advantage of them)
  • I’ve met so many amazing people and expanded my LinkedIn network by 2,066 people while being a PMBA student; these connections are priceless, and many of them would have never been possible had it not been for the PMBA
  • I’ve gained a strong competitive advantage which will always help me stand out among other professionals as long as I’m able to communicate the value of my credentials and knowledge.
  • I’ve obtained a very unique approach to problem-solving that assists me in my daily personal and professional life, and most of all I have perfected my negotiation skills that have already been utilized in a variety of situations to my benefit.

I loved it and I truly believe that no matter how busy you are, you should just go for it! PMBA is your instant ticket to success!



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PMBA perks

PMBA (Professional MBA) at J. Mack Robinson College of Business is a premium program, which means we as students are well taken care of. Our perks include free food, snacks, drinks, iPad-2s, etc. I thought, since we only have 3 weeks [7 blog posts] left, why don’t I use this opportunity to invite you to look behind the scenes and see our lunch, for instance. This blog is the only place where you can take a close look at our daily life, so let me share with you! Here are some shots of our lunch from last Saturday. We had 4 different salads and 4 different pastas. Of course, fruits are always there for us: apples, peaches, oranges, and bananas. I hope you get the idea of what can be available to you once you join the program. I’ll share more, so come back on Wed!

DSCN9526 DSCN9527 DSCN9528 DSCN9529 DSCN9530 DSCN9531 DSCN9532

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The Commencement Ceremony for PMBA Students and Break Time!!!

This is my last blog this semester: two news. First, we will be attending a commencement ceremony on the 11th of May at the GA Dome. I cannot tell you how excited I am and also how UNBELIEVABLE it is for me!!!! Remember, I shared with you in the beginning of this blog’s life how I was scared of the PMBA and how I taught myself English, etc… Well, I can honestly tell you: I have no regrets at all. This program has been of a great value to me and my business. And now I feel so much more prepared for the next big step in my life. I thought I’d share with you the video from the last year’s commencement, so you can see what it will be like for us on May 11th of 2013.

Secondly, we’re having a break until June 1st, and then we will come back for our LAST semester as PMBA students!!!!

So, you’ll hear from me again on June 1st, and I’ll share with you the pictures from the commencement 🙂

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How PMBA at Robinson Adds Value

I’ve been asked so many times: “How does PMBA at Robinson add value to you, Anna?”, “Did you get anything out of it at all?” and the like. Let me share with you just one single thing that blows my mind today, and you will know exactly whether or not PMBA at Robinson adds value…

I think I told you that I wrote a book. In the past month or so, I’ve been sending my manuscript out for people to read and endorse the book, so that it can be viewed as a credible source of information with a wide range of social support.

Remember I wrote two blogs about our Leadership class presenter W. Frank Blount, whom we read a case study about and whom I personally admire greatly? Well, imagine if you wrote a book. What is the chance that someone like W. Frank Blount, who’s so well-respected and famous worldwide, would support your book? Not much of a chance, right? 🙂 Guess what? Everything is possible when you’re a part of a huge professional network, such as PMBA at Robinson. Do you already understand where I’m going with this? Yes! You’re right!!!  W. Frank Blount was so kind and nice that he actually invested his valuable time into reading my book and he also wrote a statement of support for me!!! Can you believe it? Ok, if not, here it is: http://smartgoalsbook.info/testimonials-from-readers/

W. Frank blount, SMART goals Book

Frank wrote this statement of support to be placed on the back cover of my new book, and so I did:

W. Frank Blount, SMART goals Book

So, now you can conclude for yourself whether or not PMBA at Robinson adds value – I don’t need to persuade you, right? If you’re looking for great opportunities, strong and wide network, and advanced progress for yourself –  PMBA at Robinson is THE place to be! You should check out how to enroll on the program: the sooner you start, the sooner you will advance your level of success. Good luck!

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I feel so lucky this semester!

I feel so lucky this semester! Why? Simply because I was able to accomplish so much in my own business while taking classes as a PMBA student at GA State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business. The third class this semester had not started until just recently, so from January until now I had only two classes, one of which is my internship. I feel lucky because Raise Global – my internship company – allowed me to do my work at my own convenience on the days I chose, the time that works perfectly for me, and – hear this – if I don’t feel good, I can work from home. Even though I really love their location at the Queen and Kind in Ashford-Dunwoody area 🙂 How great!

This has been a super-awesome experience, and I feel very happy that I had made my decision to join PMBA two years ago. It has been a pleasure, not a struggle at all. I can’t believe the program is almost over… Time flies! Check back next time for the details about our graduation 🙂

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PMBA Students are Spoiled!

PMBA students are spoiled! We really are! In Buckhead, where I have my classes, we are so well taken care of: not only do we get help registering for each semester, our parking tickets are paid for and brought to us, our book are given to us right to our hands each semester, but also we have delicious snacks available for us all day long, we have coffee, tea, water, juice, sodas and more! AREN’T WE SPOILED?

PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury

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First Day of Internship

Who-hoo! The first day of my internship with Raise Global went well! I feel like I have already accomplished a lot! Why is that? Well, in December I have introduced the founder of Raise Global where I intern, Carol to 9 connections of mine, who represent potential clients, partners or media personalities and, I thought, may add value to her business. I did it via e-mail. Out of these, she had already met with two people and started doing business with one! How cool is that??? 🙂

Today, too, was very productive: we had a lunch with Solange Warner, the fonder of the World Chamber of Commerce, whom I introduced Carol to as well. Solange invited Carol to be on her Human Trafficking Committee and to help WCC build a Crisis Intervention Center for young victims. This is a very significant, value-added project. I can’t wait!

I’m also now excited to be helping Carol to create an elevator-pitch! I persuaded her that through the process of developing an elevator-pitch she can learn how to explain the core of her business in 30 second to a person of average intelligence with no background in her field. She agreed, and we will start working on it next week 🙂

Overall, it was a very positive experience. I met her entire team, and we actually had some cake from my Birthday. Hey, have I told you that I just entered the 4th decade of my life? Yep, I’m now 30 🙂 Anyway, stay tuned and check back for the news on Saturday at 8 am EST. Here’s the picture from today for you. Cheers!

First Day of Internship of Anna Stevens

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work on PMBA at GA State

Teamwork makes the dream work on PMBA at GA State! I really mean it! Teamwork here takes a great deal of our projects, so I decided to share about my experience with you.

This semester I only had team-projects at my Negotiation class, that is actually already over by now 🙂 The team I worked with was very unique – we had very similar preferences on where and when to meet and how to work together, which made the projects very successful, and we all got high grades for them. From our first to last meetings, we communicated over the phone or webinar, or via e-mail, which was convenient, saved us time, energy and effort.

We decided that there was no reason for all of us to go back and forth working on one project, so we had a few people work on the first project, then a few people on the next project and so forth. These experiences were very stress-free, and all the work was done in a timely manner.

The most interesting project was the last planning document we developed for a case we had to read, plan, prepare and negotiate with another team that was an opposite to us party in the case. It took about an hour to negotiate with them, but we reached a very successful agreement! The picture below is from that last class we had.

I will without a doubt miss my team from the Negotiation class…..

Anna Stevens GSU

Our PMBA Negotiation Team

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Professor Fendler and Corporate Finance Class on PMBA at GSU

I shared a lot with you, guys, about our Corporate Finance professor Dr. Richard Fendler, who amazed the majority of us with his ability to “humanize” this “number-subject”. He made numbers interesting, connected the complex CF concepts to real life and told us many-many funny stories from his personal and professional experience. The examples he used in his classes were sometimes shocking, sometimes humorous, but always memorable. What’s special about Dr. Fendler is his warm personality – everyone loves him and every break you see him surrounded by students, whom he dedicates a great deal of his time.

The end of the semester is coming, and I know I will for sure miss this class. Even though it has been not at all easy for me, it has been very useful and extremely interesting!

Below see the pictures from the Corporate Finance class and my favorite professor – Dr. Fendler!

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Video from our PMBA Negotiation Class

Look behind the scene in this video from our class-presentation Alex and I have done in the Negotiation class on PMBA!

This video should give you a good idea of what the class-life and environment are like and the activities we practice.

Also, check out our pictures!

Next Wed check back for the pictures from the Corporate Finance class and my favorite professor – Dr. Fendler!

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