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How to Stand Out on LinkedIn [You Have 225+ Million Competitors There Today]

In my previous post I promised to share some details about how I found a job on LinkedIn right away. Let’s talk about how to actually stand out on LinkedIn when you have 225+ million competitors there today. So, I already showed you my profile stats. Here’s more about my LinkedIn – the so-called secrets of success:

  • My LinkedIn profile URL is my actual name [see the screenshot below]
  • I have 2034 connections 95% of which are in the Atlanta area,
  • I belong to 52 relevant to my interests groups and I’m active there,
  • I update my status regularly with interesting articles, blogs I write, and other information about what I do,
  • I have a professionally-done profile picture with a friendly smile on it,
  • I have a comprehensive summary as a plain text and in bullet points for those who don’t have time to read through,
  • I have projects I accomplished and courses / certifications I completed listed under an appropriate category,
  • My tagline is very specific and targeted and speaks out for me,
  • I’ve been endorsed for my skills as well as recommended nearly 40 times by people,
  • and finally I have ACCOMPLISHMENTS area for each of my positions.

My profile’s strength is rates as “ALL STARS ”

Anna Stevens' LinkedIn

Anna Stevens' LinkedIn

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

Anna Stevens

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

The secret is this: you don’t build your LinkedIn profile in a day. It takes time and the trust of people. But if you stay consistent and do what it takes, keep your profile professional, relevant, fresh, and unique, you will stand out in the 225+ million members LinkedIn community.

On Wed next week I will show you my Accomplishments-Based Resume and the EXACT cover letter I submitted, after which I got a call from a decision maker in 15 min. Stay tuned!

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Can One Find a Perfect Job on LinkedIn?

Can One Find a Perfect Job on LinkedIn? I asked this question on Facebook last week, and the answer I received was a “NOOOOOOOO” I have to tell you this: last week I applied for a Marketing Manager on LinkedIn on Monday, had 2 interviews that week with a perfect company & 1 with not a so perfect one, and I signed a contract that Friday afternoon. I’m starting on July 1st. Salary, bonus, benefits… Thanks to LinkedIn!

How did I do it? I’ll tell you exactly how, but on Saturday. One thing I want to say: social media rocks. Every time I’d apply for a job (I applied for 30 that Monday, 8 applications were opened, and two interviews scheduled within 24 hours), I’d find that company on Twitter and tweet. Screenshots of those tweets, my LinkedIn job application, and my Resume, as well as other cool details are coming, so stay tuned and check back on Saturday at 8 am.

I want to leave you with the most important tip for a LinkedIn success – GROW YOUR NETWORK! Be active! Stay engaged!

Here’s my LinkedIn data from today: 6 people viewed my profile just today and 36 people searched for either me or someone like me with me appearing in search, which is exactly what you want and you can only achieve it by being active.

What are your LinkedIn stats? What can you do to improve those?

Anna Stevens' LinkedIn

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PR Strategies: #2

This is the second of the 5 posts where I share with you some PR strategies that became a part of the outcome of my internship at RAISE. RAISE is a hybrid of non-profit / for-profit. The company partners with a diversity of corporations and consumers to create long-lasting, sustainable solutions for global problems.

PR strategies by Anna Stevens: strategy #2


Right now you already have outstanding projects and initiatives in place, but only a few people are aware of those. Through writing UNIQUE article (different from the copy for your blog), you can quickly spread the word about your great initiatives as well as establish credibility as an expert, which could attract the media to you. This is what I did the research on. I wanted to recommend you Felicia Phillip’s H3O Eco Magazine before, but then I also found some online article directories with incredible features.

First, Felicia Phillip’s H3O Eco Magazine goes out to over a million of people worldwide. Many sustainability experts write articles for Felicia to showcase their expertise and to expand their exposure. Felicia works to actively promote the magazine, so by getting involved you could attract a great deal of attention that no other way could be attracted.

Secondly, here’s a list of article directories that I recommend you explore:

I’ve done some research, and here are some of my findings.

HUBPAGES http://hubpages.com/learningcenter/contents has a high ranking among article directories, so many people search for information there. Besides, this particular directory can improve your SEO because it assigns you your own customized URL. To learn more about this directory, I created an account there to explore and pass the nuances to you.

Here’s my uniques URL they assigned to me:
What’s great about them is this: they have a special software that scans the entire web to make sure that the information experts share there is unique. I was trying to submit different articles there just to test. All were rejected because some paragraphs in my articles were tips I shared in my blogs. This one article is a chapter from my book, so it’s unique. They take their time to approve your articles, but what’s great about it is that it makes them a trusted source of information. And media people often go there to search for experts. So that’s a great platform for you to explore.

Another FREE article submission platform that has even better ranking but very strict rules is EZINEARTICLES http://ezinearticles.com – I also created an account there to see how this can work for you. This is a good place to “recycle” your content: they did accept the copy that has been published before.

Here’s my article on their platform:

Here’s that article published on my blog in January:

Here’s that very article published on Articlebase.com the day before Ezinearticles.com:

This indicates that Ezinearticles.com does accept NOT original copy, which is great for you as you can recycle your copy and submit it to several places. So, what is so strict about their rules as I mentioned before? The way you have to write. They rejected my article three times: too many times mentioned my name, or my book, or too promotional sentences, etc. They approve every article manually! That is why their ranking is so high – it’s a place to go for useful information. There are many media people who may notice you there, so recommend you start publishing your articles related to your expertise there as soon as possible. It takes them up to 7 DAYS (!!!!!!) to approve your article, so if you write once every two weeks, you soon will be very noticeable expert on sustainability.

The #5 in page ranking is Examiner.com – I did do my research on them as well and even found a woman who has clients coming from there. Here’s how they work. You apply for an account as an EXAMINER in your area of expertise. You have to submit a lot of different items, such as your bio, what makes you an expert, references, and some examples of your writing. You choose the area and the location where you want to be an expert, and they approve you based on your qualification and match. They did not approve me. So I wasn’t able to gain the insight like I shared for other platforms. But I think if you can become an examiner in relevant field in Atlanta, you may get a lot of attention. One thing: they require you to submit articles every so often, so you have to be committed.

Of course, much of the essential attention from media can be attracted if you get your articles published in print magazines in your field, so you should use them as well.

Next PR tip is in the next post: remember, this blog gets updated every Wed and Sat at 8 am.

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