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PMBA courses

This week we have our first Midterm for the Strategy Analysis class. I have thought about how much I personally have learned in the past two years and how applicable that knowledge is in today’s business environment. Just to let you take a look behind the scenes as I promised before, here are the courses I took:

GA State University

  • Marketing Management (PMBA 8145)
  • Contemporary Strategy Analysis (PMBA 8820)
  • Process Management (MGS 8730)
  • Entrepreneurship Field Study (MGS 4590/8590)
  • Operations Management (PMBA 8155)
  • Corporate Finance (PMBA 8135)
  • Global Competitive Strategy (PMBA 8820)
  • Leading People and Organizations (PMBA 8165)
  • Competing on Operational Excellence (PMBA 8155)
  • Information Technology Management (PMBA 8125)
  • Managerial Accounting (PMBA 8115)
  • Managing in the Global Economy (PMBA 8000)
  • Leading Through Strategic Communications (PMBA 8015)
  • Financial Accounting (PMBA 8025)
  • Legal Environment: Ethics and Corporate Governance (PMBA 8030)
  • Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (PMBA 8050)
  • Project Management: (MGS 8730)
  • Negotiations (MGS 8430)
  • Leadership: Leading the Implementation of Strategy (MGS 8455)

I can honestly say that just by looking at the list you can probably agree that these are VERY applicable in the 21st century’s working space. If you want to see what options are available overall for PMBA students, please click on the link below:


I plan to share with you more about the applicability and use of the knowledge gained, so stay tuned and check back this week on Sat!

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PMBA Students are Spoiled!

PMBA students are spoiled! We really are! In Buckhead, where I have my classes, we are so well taken care of: not only do we get help registering for each semester, our parking tickets are paid for and brought to us, our book are given to us right to our hands each semester, but also we have delicious snacks available for us all day long, we have coffee, tea, water, juice, sodas and more! AREN’T WE SPOILED?

PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury

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Speed-Dating Format for Entrepreneurship Class: Look Behind the Scene

Ok, guys, I remember I promised to share some pictures and take you with that “behind the scene”, so you can actually see what the school looks like, what the class looks like and what the Entrepreneurship “speed-dating” format looks like, too. Remember, we had Entrepreneurship last semester – Summer 2012, with professor Alan Urech, and it was absolutely awesome! Everything I’ve learned I now apply in my daily business-life as an entrepreneur.

See the pictures below from the “speed-datig” classes, where we had an opportunity to interview several entrepreneurs a day, one at a time in each room . Feel free to share your comments or questions, if you have any!

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The 10 Events and Other News

Our short 🙂 break is over, and we’re back to school. The new semester brings an exciting opportunity to discover powerful marketing strategies and also explore the secrets of entrepreneurial success. Our professors are real experts. I will share some details about them with you in my later posts. Right now, let me tell you a little about the great break I had and about the events I attended.

Anna Stevens

at 200 P’tree

The full list of events is below:

  • e-Women Network event for professional women at 400 Galerria
  • Interview at Bernadette Boas’ Radio where I was sharing my story and brought WSB TV with me 🙂
  • Global Connect at 200 P’tree where I networked with 1,400 professionals from GA
  • Women’s Leadership Forum by GSU
  • 2012 Hall of Fame
  • Interview at The High Achiever Radio
  • Garden Party at Her Majesty’s Consul General in Atlanta Annabelle Malins’ home
  • Several events at the Buckhead Club
  • Champion for Change event by Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence where I have been volunteering since 2010
  • ECO Magazine release party where I was invited to publish articles on Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainability on a monthly basis

Wow! I’ve been busy 🙂 In the next few posts I will share with you about  Women’s Leadership Forum by GSU and 2012 Hall of Fame events. I will post some great pictures and make a summary of what’s been said and what I’ve learned.

The new blog posts will be published every Saturday and every Wednesday at 8 am NYT.

Stay with me!

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Break! Break! Break!

Ok, ladies and gentlemen! The second semester is over! You can see me jumping on the left 🙂

It was a very interesting time during which I personally learned a lot about social media for customer relationship management, lead-generation and overall business success; I’ve discovered modern principles of innovation and creativity; I’ve explored the trademark and copyright law, and based on the new information I made a few changes to my own website and those of my clients’; I’ve practiced tools and techniques of Managerial Accounting and applied them to making my own business-desicions; I’ve met so many interesting people and heard so many stories of success! It was fabulous!

Now it is time to rest and go back to writing my book. I will keep you up to date with happenings in the next semester which starts in June.

Have a great time in May!

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During the open house last month, one of the most burning questions I was asked was about scholarships for PMBA candidates.

Scholarships are available. In fact, if you look at the website, there are 15 pages, 20 scholarship descriptions on each of them. So, there are many opportunities for you. For example, GLOBAL EXPERIENCE SCHOLARSHIP – available for students planning on studying abroad with a minimum GPA 2.75. Another one is BANK OF AMERICA scholarship which  is awarded by The Robinson College of Business graduate admissions office.  This one is interesting, too: COCA-COLA GLOBAL AMBASSADOR scholarship aimed to provide study abroad scholarships to students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Georgia State University. I applied for Fredrick V. Sherwood and Daniel T. Sims scholarship which is aimed to provide scholarships to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale or be an entering freshman who has been accepted to GSU with an overall high school GPA of 3.2 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

You see? There are many scholarship opportunities for you if you join our fabulous PMBA program!

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What is the interview like?

In my previous post I told you about what a great experience it was for those who are looking into an MBA at GA State to have the opportunity to attend an Open House, meet current students, the Dean, the Assistant Dean, the faculty members, ask questions and kinda look through the window into our MBA at GSU home.

I openly exchanged my contact information which prospect students, and some of them started calling me and asking me questions about the interview process. I thought you may benefit from hearing the answers. Let me share with you.

Interview for PMBA is a pleasant conversation

How many people will interview me if invited? I was interviewed by one person – LaTonya O’Neal. I wasn’t worried because I was prepared and it turned out to be a great evening and a nice, very pleasant conversation with an interesting, friendly person. I do suggest, however, that whether you’re being interviewed by one or five hundred people, just be yourself. For that, you absolutely  have to know who you are and what you stand for. What are your values, goals, your mission?

Do I need to know who J. Mack Robinson is? I’d suggest that you, sure, be prepared to answer simple questions like this. Learn everything about GA State, PMBA, other MBA programs and know WHY you see the PMBA as the most attractive program for yourself.

Will I be asked about my Resume? It’s very likely, so be prepared. You may be asked any typical job interview questions, so that’s the easiest part. Just ask yourself and answer questions like Why did you choose to …? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your strengths and weaknesses? etc

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you know yourself well enough? Nobody is asking you to criticize yourself. However, it is interesting to see what leads you to the grad school, what areas of your professional and personal profile you’re working on. If you’d never asked yourself this question with an open mind, you may not be ready to respond in a constructive, professional way. Try it!

What are some other questions I may be asked? You can never guess, so my advice is know yourself, know your field, know your own story and be ready to tell it in an interesting way, make sure to use professional language and avoid, you know, this terrible phrases, you know, we usually, you know, try to say here and there, you know, when we’re worried, you know. 🙂

One thing for sure – nobody is there to put you down, but everybody there is to help you get accepted. Read some great magazines like Success Magazine, Wall Street Journal and others to pick up some great ideas and be able to articulate them well.

Hope it helps. Good luck!

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Open House was a success!

On Thursday, February 23rd, GA State hosted an Open House for its MBA programs at Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. It was a real success! Over 500 professionals from all different walks of life came to learn more about each GA State MBA program. They had an opportunity to ask current students any questions and find out all the details about enrollment, acceptance, and students’ daily life. They also got to meet our Dean Huss and Assistant Dean Toby McChesney.

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It was a high-end place, delicious food, interesting people and lots of fun!

I was there to support my PMBA program and hope that sharing my experience at Robinson made a difference for many candidates.

Regret that you didn’t make it? No worries! Next Open House is Thursday, May 17, 2012 from 6-8 p.m. Hope to see you there!

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Are you an Immigrant?

Are you an immigrant and scared to enter a graduate school because you feel like if you were DIFFERENT? Guess what? You won’t feel this way on our PMBA program! There is so much diversity! Everyone is DIFFERENT  here.

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I am an immigrant from Russia, and things like being scared of cultural differences, language limitations etc are very familiar to me. I must tell you that in my cohort there are students from Canada, China, Nigeria, India etc. While networking, I met alumnus and current PMBA students from all over the world. So many people have an accent, may not be understood from the first time, and have to work harder, but guess what? In GA State everyone feels accepted and included.

This is my second semester, and I look back to December 2010 when I first thought about enrolling on PMBA program…. I remember that speaking English as a second language in a graduate school and possibility to not be understood and made fun of were my main fears. It’s all past. I feel very comfortable at school now, besides I met many people just like me, with the same obstacles. And we all can admit that yes, you will have to spend more time on readings and preparation for each class, but that is about all differences you will experience.

Do you have any other questions? Just post your comment here and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Good luck!

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This Week’s Happenings

This week has to be remembered for two significant events: GA State University Spring Career EXPO and Managerial Accounting Test.

The Career EXPO took place at the World Congress Center on February 17th. It was a valuable opportunity for students of all levels meet companies’ representatives from Atlanta, GA. Some of them were hiring for full time positions, some were looking for interns. There were Delta Airlines, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Ritz Carlton Buckhead, and many more famous names. I went there, too, and looked for interesting positions related to Social Media and Digital Marketing. I met two ladies who were hiring particularly for that! We talked face-to-face, and they  shared with me the information about some openings that are confidential and are not being advertised. Wow! Where else would you have such unique opportunity to find out about it? I gave them my Resume and they gave me their business cards. I look forward to explore the opportunities they have next week!

Managerial Accounting Test happened yesterday… It is not the most interesting subject we have to study, so it was not easy to prepare for the test (we’ll find out on Wed how well we did :-). Hopefully, I did ok). What I wanted to share is some advise on how to study from students who were less stressed than the rest of us.

How to prepare for tests with LESS stress:

  1. Commit to studying the subject EVERY day  for at least 2 hours.
  2. Do as many practice problems as possible and if still can’t remember the concept, ask your professor for more problems to solve before the test.
  3. Write formulas and terms and place them EVERYWHERE in your house and office where you’ll come across them multiple times daily FOR SURE.
  4. If can’t understand explanation in the book, Google the topic.

Well, I did not follow all of this steps – only a few of them. And on Saturday morning I was stressed. Can’t wait for Wed to find out my grade!

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