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Professors Who Care

When you think about graduate school you realize that it’s a big commitment. You want to be confident you can do it. You want to know that you have support to count upon. Such support is provided to us as PMBA students by our amazing professors, one of which is Dr. Bogner. When we didn’t meet his expectations on the first test this semester, he offered to dedicate a great amount of time to get together with everyone who seeks to improve his / her grade, one-on-one, and help understand the concepts of Strategy Analysis. I attended such a session last week and must admit it was very helpful. Last Saturday, during breaks, Dr. Bogner dedicated even more of his time to explaining the complicated concepts to us in detail. Many students gathered around him, listened, and took shots of his notes to use for the preparation for the final exam, which is next week. I wanted to share with you some of my shots, so that you can get the feel of the friendly, student-oriented learning environment created for us on PMBA at GA State. Enjoy!

Dr. Bogner GSU

Dr. Bogner GSU

Dr. Bogner GSU

Dr. Bogner GSU

Poster Presentation Today

Today for our Organizational Behavior class we had to produce and deliver poster presentations about the book that is of interest to each of us and is also relevant to OB. I must admit it was a little challenging to me as never before did I have to do something like this. But luckily on Wed this week I forgot my parking ticket when went to the campus. Looking for someone to borrow the ticket from, I arrived to a class that just happen to deliver the same type of presentation that evening to my professor. Having observed what it was about I had no problem creating one. In fact, see me presenting below. I chose Search Inside Yourself by Google’s engineer “Meng”. I had the actual book on the iPad-2 as an e-book. Also, I had little cards with quotes from the book and I gave those away to people who asked most questions. Below are the behind-the-scenes pictures I took to share with you. Hope this helps you understand what kinds of projects we do while on PMBA at Robinson.

anna stevens












Anna Stevens


PMBA perks

PMBA (Professional MBA) at J. Mack Robinson College of Business is a premium program, which means we as students are well taken care of. Our perks include free food, snacks, drinks, iPad-2s, etc. I thought, since we only have 3 weeks [7 blog posts] left, why don’t I use this opportunity to invite you to look behind the scenes and see our lunch, for instance. This blog is the only place where you can take a close look at our daily life, so let me share with you! Here are some shots of our lunch from last Saturday. We had 4 different salads and 4 different pastas. Of course, fruits are always there for us: apples, peaches, oranges, and bananas. I hope you get the idea of what can be available to you once you join the program. I’ll share more, so come back on Wed!

DSCN9526 DSCN9527 DSCN9528 DSCN9529 DSCN9530 DSCN9531 DSCN9532

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Ledership Conversations

Leadership is one of the topics we’ve learned a lot about during the two years here, on PMBA at GA State University. This semester we’re taking Organizational Behavior course, and for the class we had to group with our teams and prepare a topic of our interested and then facilitate a conversation. Several teams talked about how successful leaders lead.

Just a few key takeaways are the following.

Leaders are:

  • authentic
  • self-aware
  • inspired
  • visionary
  • caring
  • doers
  • fair
  • strategic
  • innovative
  • understanding of people’s differences

Also, leaders do:

  • help others grow
  • develop leaders and not followers
  • lead by example
  • encourage accountability
  • promote change

More thoughts about this topic are coming. Feel free to share yours in the comment box.

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Pictures from GA Dome #gsu2013

Here are the pictures from the commencement that took place on May 11th at the GA Dome. We were actually encouraged to tweet lots of the commencement pictures with a hashtag #gsu2013 which I did. Some of those pictures were shown to the guests on a big screen while they were waiting for the ceremony to begin. I thought it was a cool idea!

Last Semester for PMBA Students

Welcome to the last semester of PMBA!

This will be the 8 weeks of news and “behind the scene” type of pictures – promise 🙂

On Wed, you’ll get the images from our commencement ceremony at the GA Dome as well as the breakfast at the WCC in May.

Also, I will try to find the full HD video for you to watch.

Here’s just a quick sneak pick for you 🙂 Stay tuned for more!

Anna Stevens, PMBA, Robinson College

How to Manage an MBA Life

You are a professional working 5 days a week. You are also a parent. There are family and friends who need your time as well. Plus, working out, cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery-shopping….you name it! How can you manage to add being an MBA student to the list? Here are some tips for you.

Four Tips on How to Successfully Manage an MBA Life

  • When at work, focus on work to be able to accomplish as much as possible WHILE there, so you don’t take work home
  • When in your car commuting back and forth, make calls to family members and friends to share your life and news
  • When at home, focus on your children and spouse for some period of time undividedly
  • When the children are in bed, schedule time to study every evening and focus your mind then on your school fully

By shifting your mind from one area to another and by focusing your attention on only one are AT A TIME will help you give your best to each of your roles and will prevent you from getting exhausted, which is exactly how you will feel if you decide to do EVERYTHING at once.

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My Social Media and On-Line Strategy Proposal

Hey, guys! The internship is speeding up now and the projects I work on are very exciting! One of them I just finished 5 minutes ago – a social media and on-line strategy proposal. Here you go – I’ll share it with you. Let me know your thoughts, comments, objections or questions; I’d love to hear from you!

After reviewing your business and personal online-accounts, including websites, Twitters, LinkedIns, Facebooks, YouTubes and blogs, I am proposing the following in order to make the company searchable and accessible, earn credibility, gain brand recognition and attract publicity.

Start with the end in mind: it is essential for the business owner to fill out the questionnaires for social media and LinkedIn.  This will allow us to not only clarify how the company should be branded, but also design a tag-line for the owner and the brand.

Create a list of tags: once the heart of entrepreneur is understood and the direction is established, it is important to come up with a list of keywords (tags) that will be associated with the brand, its initiatives, and the business owner in particular. These will be used for SEO purposes, when publish a video, post a blog, optimize a website page for search engines, and the like. These will also be submitted every time the entrepreneur has a media appearance, so that, when others write about her, they use these tags to promote her and the brand.

Build a user-friendly website: the brand’s website and that of its each initiative has to be built with the target-customer in mind.
Determine whether you want your website to provide a one-way communication opportunity, meaning that you will speak through it to your visitors, or a two-way communication opportunity, allowing your visitors to comment on your posts, like and share them, and so on. Keep and mind that a business-card type of a website, where you are the only one who can speak, post and share information, is like going to a networking event and not caring to learn about the people you meet.
Consider what devices your potential client may access your website from. Depending on whether your visitor gets on from a laptop or an iPhone, he or she may see your website differently. Ensure that it is convenient and comfortable to navigate your website from a diversity of devices.
Ideate in regards to what you want your banner to look like. A website banner is like your smile at a networking event: people will notice and remember you, based on your smile. Also, the information on your banner will make an important difference in how your website appears in web-search. Make sure the colors you use are appropriate for your audience and the combination of fonts you choose is easy-to-read for visitors of your website. Let’s say using blue fonts and capital letters does not make your website easy-to read and attention-catching. In fact, capital letters, when written in bulk, increase leaning curve and distract people from the meaning. Evaluate what your fonts look like on your website from a mobile device.
Design the site map, create high-quality content, produce attention-catching videos that are not confusing and focus on only one topic at at time, and, of course, establish a blog, so your website is relevant and up-to-date, given that you will actually keep up with the blog. Make sure you create appropriate blog categories and tags and utilize these free tools to help visitors easily find the needed information, improve your SEO and reduce learning curve for people. A general advice here is this: when you’re trying to choose a theme for your website, keep your main target-customer in mind. If it is a C-level executive, choose plain white background and calm colors as well as business-like images and videos. Don’t have pictures flashing as you invite them to read the content or, worse, watch your video: it is impossible to concentrate their attention on a video and its meaning while the fashion-style pictures are flashing on a background. It’s simply distracting for a human eye and brain. Place yourself in the shoes of your ideal client and develop a concept for your engaging website from that perspective.
Ensure that there are social sharing buttons, the “follow us” type buttons, that your footnote is up-to-date and contains the address, the e-mail and the phone number of the company. Be aware of the copyright message on the footer of your site: it has to be updated every January first.
Optimize your permalinks, meta-descriptions, images, pages and posts for the key-words you develop as a first step. This will enable you to be found on the first page of Google, when potential customers search for relevant tags.

Make your LinkedIn profile look professional and speak up for your greatness: when you write up your LinkedIn profile, imagine that an ideal potential client, who knows nothing about you yet, but is searching for someone like you, opens your profile. What do you need to have on it in order for the ideal client to understand that you are the one he or she is looking for? What experiences would you like him or her to know about? What skills would you like to showcase? Do you have enough of RELEVANT references from current or former clients/partners/bosses/etc to help you demonstrate your credibility to that ideal client? Adjust your LinkedIn accordingly.

Twitter, Facebook, company LinkedIn page, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus: you have to ensure that your business-website is linked to THAT BUSINESS’ social media. Each and every of your webstes has to have the ABOUT US page, where you will have the info about the team. THAT and ONLY THAT page can lead to personal Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Social media serves two main purposes: to help you engage with your community and to improve your SEO. For instance, LinkedIn will push your brand up on Google, even if you don’t yet have a good website. So will Twitter and Pinterest. That is why your brand and you need to BE and ENGAGE on social networks. Having one YouTube subscriber is highly unlikely to help you promote your credibility and expertise to a potential client.

Blog: post regularly about your news, accomplishment etc. Helps with SEO and allows you to engage as well as share your expertise to gain credibility and recognition for you and your brand.

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PMBA Students are Spoiled!

PMBA students are spoiled! We really are! In Buckhead, where I have my classes, we are so well taken care of: not only do we get help registering for each semester, our parking tickets are paid for and brought to us, our book are given to us right to our hands each semester, but also we have delicious snacks available for us all day long, we have coffee, tea, water, juice, sodas and more! AREN’T WE SPOILED?

PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury PMBA luxury

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Video from our PMBA Negotiation Class

Look behind the scene in this video from our class-presentation Alex and I have done in the Negotiation class on PMBA!

This video should give you a good idea of what the class-life and environment are like and the activities we practice.

Also, check out our pictures!

Next Wed check back for the pictures from the Corporate Finance class and my favorite professor – Dr. Fendler!

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