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Can One Find a Perfect Job on LinkedIn?

Can One Find a Perfect Job on LinkedIn? I asked this question on Facebook last week, and the answer I received was a “NOOOOOOOO” I have to tell you this: last week I applied for a Marketing Manager on LinkedIn on Monday, had 2 interviews that week with a perfect company & 1 with not a so perfect one, and I signed a contract that Friday afternoon. I’m starting on July 1st. Salary, bonus, benefits… Thanks to LinkedIn!

How did I do it? I’ll tell you exactly how, but on Saturday. One thing I want to say: social media rocks. Every time I’d apply for a job (I applied for 30 that Monday, 8 applications were opened, and two interviews scheduled within 24 hours), I’d find that company on Twitter and tweet. Screenshots of those tweets, my LinkedIn job application, and my Resume, as well as other cool details are coming, so stay tuned and check back on Saturday at 8 am.

I want to leave you with the most important tip for a LinkedIn success – GROW YOUR NETWORK! Be active! Stay engaged!

Here’s my LinkedIn data from today: 6 people viewed my profile just today and 36 people searched for either me or someone like me with me appearing in search, which is exactly what you want and you can only achieve it by being active.

What are your LinkedIn stats? What can you do to improve those?

Anna Stevens' LinkedIn

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GSU Spring 2013 Commencement Video

This is the moment! I promised to find a full video of the GSU Spring 2013 Commencement for you and here it is.

Also, there is a videos taken by attendees. People who recorded the video speak the language that I do not understand. Hopefully nobody says any bad words 🙂 I share the video because of the unique perspective these people captured.

Enjoy and leave me your comments below 🙂 On Saturday I’ll post lots of pictures for you!


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How to Prepare for Your Tests and Exams

As a PMBA student, you will have many tests and exams to take on a regular basis. How do you prepare effectively? Here are four easy steps for you that can help you always be ready and stress-free.

Five Easy Steps To Be Prepared For Tests and Stress-Free

  • Prepare in advance: start with the end in mind, ask yourself “What Grade Do I Want?” Probably an A or a B, right? So What will it take to get that grade? Now you know how much you need to know on the day of the test.
  • Schedule time at least every other day to study for your classes. Make notes as you go: while you have some great break-troughs and aha-moments, put them on paper. You’ll need them later.
  • Take screenshots as you read your material. Some professors will allow a help-sheet on the exam. If you take screenshots of useful terms, formulas, etc – you have all you need for that help-sheet already.
  • Repeat, repeat, and repeat. And practice exercises several times.
  • Go to bed early before the exam and sleep well. Your brain will have a better clarity and focus if you let it rest.

Hope you’ll do well on your test using my tips. Good luck and stay tuned for more tips!

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How to Figure Out if PMBA is a Good Fit for You

To figure out if PMBA at Robinson is a good fit for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to connect and build relationships with thousands of like-minded professionals?
  • Do I want to create a strong competitive advantage on the job market for myself?
  • Do I want to secure a sustainable future for my career?
  • Do I want to advance my knowledge and develop essential for the modern market work competencies?

If your answer to these questions is “Yes”, PMBA is a perfect fit for you. Click here to learn more and take action!

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I feel so lucky this semester!

I feel so lucky this semester! Why? Simply because I was able to accomplish so much in my own business while taking classes as a PMBA student at GA State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business. The third class this semester had not started until just recently, so from January until now I had only two classes, one of which is my internship. I feel lucky because Raise Global – my internship company – allowed me to do my work at my own convenience on the days I chose, the time that works perfectly for me, and – hear this – if I don’t feel good, I can work from home. Even though I really love their location at the Queen and Kind in Ashford-Dunwoody area 🙂 How great!

This has been a super-awesome experience, and I feel very happy that I had made my decision to join PMBA two years ago. It has been a pleasure, not a struggle at all. I can’t believe the program is almost over… Time flies! Check back next time for the details about our graduation 🙂

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Developing a new website for Raise Global Services

I am so excited to share with you that Raise’ CEO Carol liked all my suggestions and the overall approach to having a customer-centered website that is attention-catching and reduces the learning curve of the visitor, turning him or her into a pre-qualified customer. With the new banner, side widgets, clear updated message and build-in social media buttons, the website is now becoming a platform for an engaging conversation between Raise and its community. The contact info is easy to find. The pages and sub-pages are strategically aligned with the overall message and have clear names and a great straightforward content.

As a reminder, I’m working with Raise as an intern now, which is a part of my class called Entrepreneurial Field Study I’m taking this semester. I’m so proud of the team’s ability to listen and take the feedback and apply it instantly!


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Final Grades and Break Time!!!!

Well, well, well…. guess what? The semester is over for us! Yes, it was a lot of fun, but now it is time for all to recharge the batteries and get ready for the new semester 😉 It is promising to be very unusual and nothing like you’d expect 😉

Unbelievable news! I made an “A” in Corporate Finance class! This sounds like a miracle considering the fact that I am so not a number-person 🙂 Our class overall did a great job, and we even had 2 people who made 100% on this course!!! The professor said it is VERY rare and congratulated us. He also said he was proud of my work that paid off well at the end…

Corporate Finance Final Grades Anna Stevens

I also made an “A” in our Negotiation class, which I loved as you already know. As of Leadership class, the grades have not been released yet.

Before the break, I finished my first book that is getting ready to be published now, and right after the classes I had my photoshoot for the cover of the book – here’s a snapshot of that:

Anna Stevens

I am going to spend the break in Savannah with my husband and step-sons. We already decorated our home, and I can’t resist the spirit of Christmas and feel very happy! You will hear from me again after January 14th. Happy Holidays!

Anna Stevens, Philip Day

My family inspired by holidays

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As promised, I keep sharing with you about some outstanding people whom I met on my PMBA at GA State University. This time it’s about Ryan Hamilton – my classmate, whom I deeply admire for being always ready for classes, his strong opinion he openly shares with us, his extraordinary confidence and warm personality.

Ryan is happily married and has two children. His son will be three this November, and his daughter just turned one this Summer. Despite being busy with the family and work, Ryan is very involved with the program.

To learn more about Ryan and how he manages to do well in every aspect of his life, read the interview below.

Ryan Hamilton with his family

  • AS: What made you decide to advance your degree?
  • RH: “Options, options, options. I love what I do, but I wanted to prepare myself for the evolving marketplace. Plus, I love to learn.”
  • AS: What is your educational and professional background?
  • RH: “I got my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Georgia. I have spent most of my professional career in the healthcare industry.”
  • AS: Why PMBA at Robinson?
  • RH: “I evaluated all the competing programs in Atlanta. I liked the credibility of the PMBA program. I want to be in Atlanta and I really like the network GSU has established with many Atlanta’ top-companies. Also, I had a good friend go through the same program, and she loved it.”
  • AS: How do you manage your responsibilities as a full-time-professional/husband/daddy/student?
  • RH: “One day at a time. Disciplined time-management. I don’t really know. Things just seem to have a way of getting done. I have incredible support from my wife as well as from the company I work at. There have definitely been some long days and late nights throughout the first year of the program. For me, the one area I really try to focus on is not missing the family dinner. It may sound old-fashioned, but I try to be home for dinner with the family every night. For that hour or two, I just focus on the family. Then, I spend whatever other time I need on work or school.”
  • AS: What do you expect to happen upon your graduation?
  • RH: “Money to shower down on me from the sky!!! Nothing really. I love where I work and expect to continue forward with my current employer. I didn’t go back to school thinking that I would make an immediate move. I just want to expand my skills and options.”
  • AS: What are the three tips you could give to people who are thinking to maybe join PMBA at Robinson?
  • RH: See the three suggestions below.
  1. “Think about taking a GMAT class, even if you don’t think that you will need it. I did and it sort of got me back into “school mode”. It was an easy way to dip my toe in the water to make sure that I was going to be able to deal with evening-classes and homework.
  2. Get the support you ned from your family. My wife has her MBA, and she understands the time and energy sacrifice that it takes (even better than I did before I started). If she was not totally on board with me doing this, I would not be on PMBA.
  3. Talk to as many people, who have already been through it, as possible. Get understanding of the program as well as what happens afterwards. Not everyone gets a huge promotion or a big raise immediately after the  graduation.”

Well, guys, isn’t it a great advice and something to think about? I’d like to thank Ryan for opening up and giving us this opportunity to look behind the scene. Stay with me as I have more people with thought-provoking ideas!

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MBA As Your Competitive Advantage

New semester and new school-year (the final for us!) started with a successful open house, which I will share with you about next Wed at 8 am. I was there to support PMBA and help potential PMBA candidates understand what it’s like to be a PMBA student and what it takes to become one. A very interesting question was asked there by an attendee.

What is the chance for success after graduation from PMBA?

First, I must say the knowledge you gain on the program is worth millions of dollars, because, unlike any other graduate programs in different schools, PMBA does not offer “tell-n-sell” types of presentations to you. You don’t come there with a pen and a notebook to listen to a professor and take notes. Instead, each class is a discovery: everyone participates in a discussion and shares diverse opinions. People in your class are going to be from all around the world, representing a variety of age-groups and professional backgrounds. It is as if you were getting free consulting-services by 38 international consultants! How would you like that? You don’t actually just learn from book-reading and case-studying. You rather learn from a combination of discussions, presentations (by you and your classmates), hands-on activities and the like. So, the unique knowledge you obtain during the PMBA program will provide you with a strong competitive advantage to ensure your long-term success.  

Besides that, there are many opportunities for meeting people, who have “the golden key” to the “door” that leads to your next best opportunity. Your professors will invite guest-speakers (COO of UPS, for example), you will be able to get the access to the huge GSU LinkedIn network, you will be provided with several chances to attend great events, such as Business Hall of Fame or Women’s Leadership Forum (complimentary!), and many-many other great ways to gain exposure in your industry, establish good business-connections and demonstrate your expertise and the value you bring to the table. So, a strong  network of  like-minded professionals, many of whom are decision-makers, will allow for another competitive advantage.

I can keep going on and on with the list, but the best illustration of your chances to succeed is this story, which one of the attendees of the open house shared with me as we walked to the parking garage. He is a 40+ high-level professional, with years of strong background in his field. He was interviewing for a very desired position. And he said this: “On the final stage, I got beaten by a kid with an MBA. I was very upset as it was a $400,000 job. It became clear to me what the next step should be, and that is why I am here, at the PMBA open house, today”. … Enough said, right?

PMBA will help you develop the essential skills and competencies and supply you with knowledge and tools you need to stand out among competitors and be successful, whether as an employee or a business-owner.

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Mentorship can help you achieve the goal

In the previous post, I shared with you about SMART goals. This time, I want to explain how a mentor or coach can help you achieve your career-goals, part of which can be preparing and enrolling on Professional MBA program at Robinson.

A mentor, coach, trusted friend or maybe even your current boss who wants you to move up in your company – all can be called accountability partners (AP). Having an accountability partner increases the likelihood that you will do what you say when you say you’ll do it in terms of achieving your SMART career-goal. Why? Because of the following five benefits your accountability partner provides. 

1. Attention. When you get an AP, you get the essential attention to your goal. It’s like making a public commitment to something -­  you’re now not alone in your desire to succeed anymore (your AP desires your success as well). Making a public commitment to achieving a goal is a very powerful way to follow through.

2. Motivation. This is that extra push you need to get started. It is also that extra push you need when daily life happens and tries to take you back to the same old routine. You can reach out to your AP for that extra encouragement, so you can start and keep moving forward.

3. Information. AP can be a source of information for you when you lack knowledge or experience in some areas. Also, sometimes we just don’t really know what it is that we don’t know. Thoughtful questions from your AP can help you figure out what it is that you don’t know. Obtaining that extra information will help you stay clear, focused and relevant in achieving your S.M.A.R.T. goal.

4. Ideation. It’s nice to have an AP when you’re stuck and not sure how to proceed further. Brainstorming together can take your success in achieving your S.M.A.R.T. goal to the next level.

5. Inspiration. When you make a huge progress and are excited about the results you’ve achieved, your AP is a perfect person to share that excitement with. It will help you create even more inspiration for even greater future results.


Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and finding a reliable accountability partner to help you follow through is a great way to differentiate yourself and achieve your desired career goals.


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