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How PMBA at Robinson Adds Value

I’ve been asked so many times: “How does PMBA at Robinson add value to you, Anna?”, “Did you get anything out of it at all?” and the like. Let me share with you just one single thing that blows my mind today, and you will know exactly whether or not PMBA at Robinson adds value…

I think I told you that I wrote a book. In the past month or so, I’ve been sending my manuscript out for people to read and endorse the book, so that it can be viewed as a credible source of information with a wide range of social support.

Remember I wrote two blogs about our Leadership class presenter W. Frank Blount, whom we read a case study about and whom I personally admire greatly? Well, imagine if you wrote a book. What is the chance that someone like W. Frank Blount, who’s so well-respected and famous worldwide, would support your book? Not much of a chance, right? 🙂 Guess what? Everything is possible when you’re a part of a huge professional network, such as PMBA at Robinson. Do you already understand where I’m going with this? Yes! You’re right!!!  W. Frank Blount was so kind and nice that he actually invested his valuable time into reading my book and he also wrote a statement of support for me!!! Can you believe it? Ok, if not, here it is:

W. Frank blount, SMART goals Book

Frank wrote this statement of support to be placed on the back cover of my new book, and so I did:

W. Frank Blount, SMART goals Book

So, now you can conclude for yourself whether or not PMBA at Robinson adds value – I don’t need to persuade you, right? If you’re looking for great opportunities, strong and wide network, and advanced progress for yourself –  PMBA at Robinson is THE place to be! You should check out how to enroll on the program: the sooner you start, the sooner you will advance your level of success. Good luck!

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Annie Mitchell from Apple Inc for the PMBA Students!

Annie Mitchell Apple

Annie Mitchell

I shared with you many of extraordinary events that are hosted exclusively for us – the PMBA students. This one is really REALLY unique though!

We were invited to hear from Annie Mitchell, the director of the K-20 Marketing Team for Apple. She shared Apple’s history in education, vision and mission for a learning environment, discussed how faculty and students are using mobile devices and digital content to create, collaborate, innovate and communicate across all disciplines.

Annie presented to the Buckhead students on Thursday, February 28th. This was a very VERY special guest!

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Internship that is contributing to the growth of a global company

This is sooooo exciting! I want to tell you about my internship that is contributing to the growth of a global company. Starting my internship, I introduced Carol – the CEO of the company I intern at – to my friend Felicia – the sustainability GURU of Atlanta, and as the result on the 21st of February of 2013 at 191 P’tree during Building a Green Economy event Carol launched RAISE ENERGY project!

On the first picture below you see Tom – the provider of the LED technology, Carol and Ashley from RAISE, me and my friend Felicia. It was a great event, and I feel excited about my contribution to Raise Global Services’ growth!

RAISE energy Anna Stevens, Carol McKown, Felicia Philips

RAISE energy Anna Stevens, Carol McKown, Felicia Philips

Anna Stevens, Felicia Philips

RAISE energy Anna Stevens, Carol McKown, Felicia Philips

RAISE energy Anna Stevens, Carol McKown, Felicia Philips

RAISE energy Anna Stevens, Carol McKown, Felicia Philips

RAISE energy Anna Stevens, Carol McKown, Felicia Philips

RAISE energy Anna Stevens, Carol McKown, Felicia Philips


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Radio interview on 106.7 FM about LinkedIn

Guys! Awesome news! What I’ve been sharing with you about Social Media strategies for my internship company has been found valuable by 106.7 FM and I was interviewed on air on February 11th! That’s so cool! By the way, it was about LinkedIn success tips, and I wanted to make a note that I even started LinkedIn profile BECAUSE of the Career Management Center on PMBA!

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The Value of a Tagline for Networking and PR

Many of my friends entrepreneurs have so called taglines to help them stand out in the crowd and also help others remember them. For example, my friend Bonnie Ross Parker has a networking company and is known as the America’s Connection Diva. That’s what she calls herself, that tagline is on her website, blog, e-mail signature, you’ll see it in a magazine that writes about Bonnie – everywhere! Another friend of mine does consulting on LinkedIn and organizes events that are only open for LinkedIn members. Dahlys Hamilton. You may know her as Atlanta’s LinkedIn Godmother. Memorable? Will you be able to recognize her next time you see her after this one time you met? Yest, because there was a tagline that stood out! Ali Brown – Entrepreneurial Guru. Joe Turner – Chief Impossibility Officer. And many more! On the 29th of January I was trying to help Carol, the CEO of Raise where I do my internship, to come up with a tagline that would be easy to remember and help her stand out.

I have been talking about the importance of developing a tagline with Carol for a few days. Carol mainly sees herself as an ideator and visionary, so she doesn’t want to get into details, such as taglines and PR. Yet, I am a believer that all the information in regards to how an entrepreneur is viewed by the public has to come from the heart of that very entrepreneur. So, I’ve been speaking about the value of a tagline as such:

“Imagine you go to a networking event at 200 P’tree in Atlanta called Global Connect. There are 44 bi-lingual Chambers of Commerce present (so think “simple language” as not everyone’s native language is English; if you plan to go global, you’ve got to thing that your C-level client may be speaking limited English, may be blind, may be deaf etc, so all the content on your on-line outlets has to anticipate it and be straightforward and simple). There are 2,000 people at that networking event (that’s how many there were last Summer, I think). So, as each of potential 80 or 100 people, whom you can personally meet there, speaks to you, what do you want them to remember, when they tell their partner about you next day? What is one phrase you want to embed in their memory associated with you?”

Well, somehow, Carol wasn’t buying in immediately, which is, of course, understandable: I am new. So, on the 29th of January there was a networking event next door from Carol’s office. It was hosted by Atlanta Business RadioX . I encouraged Carol to go. So we went. There, Carol was meeting many people and introducing herself similar to this:  “Hi, I’m Carol McKown, my company Raise Global is a hybrid of non-profit and for-profit…” Guess what? All that the people heard was what they wanted to hear: non-profit. So everyone, who was introducing her to people after they’d meet her, would say: “Meet Carol, she can help your non-profit” 🙂 🙂 🙂 Actually, Carol is on a lookout for for-profits to partner with Raise as she already has a line of non-profits in need of help. When we came back to the office, Carol  received a call from a woman, whom she met at that networking event, asking Carol to help the woman’s non-profit buy buses. I think that was a good breakthrough.  Carol said: “Anna, I now know why you’ve been telling me to create a tagline and make people look at me the way I really want them to” 🙂

Yeah!!! Her tagline now is “Chief Solutionism Officer”, by which people will likely be intrigued and ask to learn more about her business 🙂

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Atlanta Business RadioX Event

On the 29th of January, during my internship, Carol and I attended the Atlanta Business RadioX networking event. We met many wonderful people from Atlanta’s business-community. Carol has been invited to be interviewed on multiple radio-shows about the great cause she promotes with her business. It is going to be a beginning of something big for Raise – I know it! Exciting!!!!!!!! Below are two pictures: me and Carol and me with Lee Kantor, the creator and founder of Atlanta Business RadioX. Enjoy!Anna Stevens and Carol McKown Anna Stevens and Lee Kantor

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Entreprenurship and Faith

 What would you think, if someone told you that they can speak to God and God guides them in business? Sounds very unusual, right? Well, during my Entrepreneurial Field Study I am learning that spirituality and strong faith can actually help an entrepreneur attract great people and quality business. Somehow everything just falls into place.

Amazingly, the more time I spend at the company where I intern, the more evidences I see to that statement. The entrepreneur I’m working with is very faithful. We even went to church together last Sunday. They have a very interesting routine – everyone prays together. Just recently, the CEO took the entire team to her beach-house in Florida to pray and ideate in regards to the business-strategy together.

Of course, you don’t learn things like this in a class-room…. I feel lucky to have an opportunity to experience this new level of business-mentality during my last year in business-school. I can’t imagine having to missed it!

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First Day of Internship

Who-hoo! The first day of my internship with Raise Global went well! I feel like I have already accomplished a lot! Why is that? Well, in December I have introduced the founder of Raise Global where I intern, Carol to 9 connections of mine, who represent potential clients, partners or media personalities and, I thought, may add value to her business. I did it via e-mail. Out of these, she had already met with two people and started doing business with one! How cool is that??? 🙂

Today, too, was very productive: we had a lunch with Solange Warner, the fonder of the World Chamber of Commerce, whom I introduced Carol to as well. Solange invited Carol to be on her Human Trafficking Committee and to help WCC build a Crisis Intervention Center for young victims. This is a very significant, value-added project. I can’t wait!

I’m also now excited to be helping Carol to create an elevator-pitch! I persuaded her that through the process of developing an elevator-pitch she can learn how to explain the core of her business in 30 second to a person of average intelligence with no background in her field. She agreed, and we will start working on it next week 🙂

Overall, it was a very positive experience. I met her entire team, and we actually had some cake from my Birthday. Hey, have I told you that I just entered the 4th decade of my life? Yep, I’m now 30 🙂 Anyway, stay tuned and check back for the news on Saturday at 8 am EST. Here’s the picture from today for you. Cheers!

First Day of Internship of Anna Stevens

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Jim Copeland from Deloitte as a guest speaker on PMBA

Jim Copeland retired as Chief Executive Officer of Deloitte & Touche USA LLP – a global consulting company. For our last class on Leadership, we studied the Deloitte case, and Jim Copeland was our guest-speaker.

He shared a lot with us from his global managerial and leadership experiences, and all was interesting, but the most attention-catching was the model of strategic planning Jim Copeland introduced us to. He said that whether he’d work on a strategy for a church, a global company or any size business, he’d use this model to establish its self-identity first and then utilize the discoveries to better communicate the value-proposition of an organization, internally and externally.

The first question he asks is “What do you want to be when you grow up?” All the questions on this model are a good thought-provokative exercise on discovering and exploring the possibilities and making choices.

Here’s this model:

Anna Stevens and Jim Copeland of Deloitte

This is me and Jim Copeland after class:

Anna Stevens and Jim Copeland of Deloitte

Me and Jim Copeland of Deloitte

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Wallace Buran of Brand Velocity INC as a Guest Speaker on PMBA at GA State

Our Leadership class gets more and more exciting as we have more of amazing guest-speakers presenting to us their experiences, business-lessons they’ve learned over their extensive careers, and share their expert-advice with us on how to be successful. On Monday 11/12/12 we had Wallace Buran of Brand Velocity, Inc as a guest-speaker on PMBA at GA State.

Wallace Buran

This presentation was about strategy, but what I wanted to share with you is some quotes I got from Wally Buran. He has a very interesting way of speaking – most of what he said was like a line of wisdom to be printed out on a big sheet of paper and hanged on the wall 🙂 Here you go!

“Hope is not a very good strategy.”

“If you ever want to change performance of a company, there should be some kind of transformation.”

“The standard project-management tools don’t work with transformation because the operating model is the very problem, and that can only be changed from the top leadership level.”

“There are two types of transformation: Play the game better & Play a better game”. [THIS ONE IS My FAVORITE 🙂  – Anna]

“One of the myths is that the CEO leads a transformation. CEOs, who think so, are killing themselves. People, who report to CEOs, lead transformation.”

“Transformation has to be supported, endorsed and encouraged by the leadership, but it has to be DRIVEN by the organization”

Did you like these? I sure did! I hand-written all of them in red 🙂 Very inspiring!

Check back soon and see what’s new with us on PMBA at GA State University!

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