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LinkedIn Job Application: Resume and CV for Success

As promised, in this third blog post in the series of how I got my perfect job on LinkedIn right away, I will share with you my LinkedIn job application: Resume and CV.




Job Posting Screen Shot

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 3.12.26 PM


Cover Letter Screen Shot



Resume of Anna Stevens, JD, MBA

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 10.13.26 PM

The statistics indicate that on average a job seeker spends about 45-60 SECONDS reading a job description before sending his / her resume. I can tell you frankly that 45-60 minutes was what I spent per a job application, which included attentive reading of the description for 2-3 times, checking of the company’s website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, tailoring of my cover letter,  sending over, and tweeting about it. One example of such a tweet to a potential employer is below. He responded that the position was filled, but by that time I already had a contract myself. One of my job interviews was scheduled right after they saw my tweet.

Hope I was able to help you. Good luck!






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How to Stand Out on LinkedIn [You Have 225+ Million Competitors There Today]

In my previous post I promised to share some details about how I found a job on LinkedIn right away. Let’s talk about how to actually stand out on LinkedIn when you have 225+ million competitors there today. So, I already showed you my profile stats. Here’s more about my LinkedIn – the so-called secrets of success:

  • My LinkedIn profile URL is my actual name [see the screenshot below]
  • I have 2034 connections 95% of which are in the Atlanta area,
  • I belong to 52 relevant to my interests groups and I’m active there,
  • I update my status regularly with interesting articles, blogs I write, and other information about what I do,
  • I have a professionally-done profile picture with a friendly smile on it,
  • I have a comprehensive summary as a plain text and in bullet points for those who don’t have time to read through,
  • I have projects I accomplished and courses / certifications I completed listed under an appropriate category,
  • My tagline is very specific and targeted and speaks out for me,
  • I’ve been endorsed for my skills as well as recommended nearly 40 times by people,
  • and finally I have ACCOMPLISHMENTS area for each of my positions.

My profile’s strength is rates as “ALL STARS ”

Anna Stevens' LinkedIn

Anna Stevens' LinkedIn

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

Anna Stevens

How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

The secret is this: you don’t build your LinkedIn profile in a day. It takes time and the trust of people. But if you stay consistent and do what it takes, keep your profile professional, relevant, fresh, and unique, you will stand out in the 225+ million members LinkedIn community.

On Wed next week I will show you my Accomplishments-Based Resume and the EXACT cover letter I submitted, after which I got a call from a decision maker in 15 min. Stay tuned!

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Can One Find a Perfect Job on LinkedIn?

Can One Find a Perfect Job on LinkedIn? I asked this question on Facebook last week, and the answer I received was a “NOOOOOOOO” I have to tell you this: last week I applied for a Marketing Manager on LinkedIn on Monday, had 2 interviews that week with a perfect company & 1 with not a so perfect one, and I signed a contract that Friday afternoon. I’m starting on July 1st. Salary, bonus, benefits… Thanks to LinkedIn!

How did I do it? I’ll tell you exactly how, but on Saturday. One thing I want to say: social media rocks. Every time I’d apply for a job (I applied for 30 that Monday, 8 applications were opened, and two interviews scheduled within 24 hours), I’d find that company on Twitter and tweet. Screenshots of those tweets, my LinkedIn job application, and my Resume, as well as other cool details are coming, so stay tuned and check back on Saturday at 8 am.

I want to leave you with the most important tip for a LinkedIn success – GROW YOUR NETWORK! Be active! Stay engaged!

Here’s my LinkedIn data from today: 6 people viewed my profile just today and 36 people searched for either me or someone like me with me appearing in search, which is exactly what you want and you can only achieve it by being active.

What are your LinkedIn stats? What can you do to improve those?

Anna Stevens' LinkedIn

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One Last Career Management Tip

Ok, guys, lately I’ve shared a lot of career-management tips recommended by Robinson College of Business CMC that’s been established to support  students in their career advancement process, guide them and teach them how to do the right thing. One last advice refers to one’s phone and e-mail etiquette. See the picture below, print it out and share! Remember to spread the word about our amazing Career Management Center available for those who join PMBA!

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Excellent Networking Training!

As a small business owner, I network a lot. Just recently, I was a vendor at “NETWORKING WORKS” event where my friend Bonnie Ross Parker had invited me and where I met Debbie Rodkin – the Executive Director of RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS, the premier networking organization dedicated to helping professionals enhance their careers. She was on the expert panel and shared her practical advice on how to network effectively.

Guess what? PMBA Alumni Club Professional Development Series features Debbie as a speaker for April 18th!!!

Here is what I saw in my e-mail box: “Networking: Beyond the Handshake,” presented by Debbie Rodkin of RE:FOCUS ON CAREERS. This interactive and fun event will help you overcome obstacles and teach you practical and timely networking skills necessary to thrive in this economy. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to networking…this event is a Must-Attend!”

Without a doubt, GA State brings the best of the best to its student to help them grow personally and professionally. I am excited to be a part of it!

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This Week’s Happenings

This week has to be remembered for two significant events: GA State University Spring Career EXPO and Managerial Accounting Test.

The Career EXPO took place at the World Congress Center on February 17th. It was a valuable opportunity for students of all levels meet companies’ representatives from Atlanta, GA. Some of them were hiring for full time positions, some were looking for interns. There were Delta Airlines, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Ritz Carlton Buckhead, and many more famous names. I went there, too, and looked for interesting positions related to Social Media and Digital Marketing. I met two ladies who were hiring particularly for that! We talked face-to-face, and they  shared with me the information about some openings that are confidential and are not being advertised. Wow! Where else would you have such unique opportunity to find out about it? I gave them my Resume and they gave me their business cards. I look forward to explore the opportunities they have next week!

Managerial Accounting Test happened yesterday… It is not the most interesting subject we have to study, so it was not easy to prepare for the test (we’ll find out on Wed how well we did :-). Hopefully, I did ok). What I wanted to share is some advise on how to study from students who were less stressed than the rest of us.

How to prepare for tests with LESS stress:

  1. Commit to studying the subject EVERY day  for at least 2 hours.
  2. Do as many practice problems as possible and if still can’t remember the concept, ask your professor for more problems to solve before the test.
  3. Write formulas and terms and place them EVERYWHERE in your house and office where you’ll come across them multiple times daily FOR SURE.
  4. If can’t understand explanation in the book, Google the topic.

Well, I did not follow all of this steps – only a few of them. And on Saturday morning I was stressed. Can’t wait for Wed to find out my grade!

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Congrats on your new job!

Wow! We are in our only second semester of the first year, but some students already have great job offers and advance their careers! Our classmate Deanna has just accepted an offer in the pricing Department at Delta, and Jessica started her new Senior position at The Home Depot this week. Congratulations!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Get Your Resume On the Hiring Manager Table

How much time and effort do you spend on job search? It’s very frustrating, isn’t it?

Job Search Can Be Very Frustrating...

Imagine for a second someone who will send you an e-mail saying he or she will help you get your resume on a hiring manager’s table? Sounds unreal? Not at all!

Job Applicants WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PMBA Alumni Club just started the PMBA Job Network program for anyone in the PMBA network who is looking for a new position.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Become a PMBA candidate at GA State University.
  2. Research corporate websites listed for PMBA students to find positions of interest and positions that are a close match to your skill set.
  3. Send an email to our PMBA Job Network leader. Place in the Subject “PMBA Job Network- Applicant” and in the Body – “Company of interest and the job posting number (s)/ description (s). If you are interested in more than one opening, then rank order the opportunities. You do not need to send your resume.
  4. Our PMBA Job Network leader will email you the volunteer’s name and email address.
  5. You (the applicant) will contact the volunteer. Send your resume along with the job posting number (s) / description (s) rank ordered. You may need to cut and paste the description (s) into your email. The volunteers will send you an email within 2-3 days to confirm receipt.
  6. The volunteer will then forward your resume to the hiring manager!!!!!! (typically within 1 week after they acknowledge receipt of your email).
  7. That’s it! Once your resume has been submitted to the hiring manager, let’s hope that you will be selected for a phone screen or face-to-face interview.

PMBA Can Help You Find Your Dream Job!

How cool is that? Do you want to find your dream job so easily? Then join our PMBA program at GA State! By the way, you can attend an open house just to see for yourself what it’s like. Interested? Find out more!

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Free Workshops & Advice?

One of the greatest benefits of our PMBA program at Ga State is the access to Career Management Center workshops. They are hosted for us on a regular basis and free of charge.

Why exactly are Career  Management Center workshops at GSU valuable? First, they always cover “hot” topics such us Resume Writing Tips, Networking Tips, How To Use Social Media For Job Search etc. Also, career coaches who host the workshops have practical, real-world experience in their area of expertise. And most importantly, the workshops are very interactive, so you are never bored and actually get a chance to participate and share.

For example, on Jan 19 I attended a worksop about networking. I have learned that networking is not bothering people – its a constantly built relationships. Around 75% of professionals get their job through networking! Managers will prefer to hire someone whom they have a personal reference for.

Workshops for MBA candidates at GA State

At GSU, there are many great networking sources:

  • Alumni groups
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Professional organizations
  • Student chapters of non-profits
  • Online networking groups

Also, I found out that we actually only have 30 sec to make a good first impression because there may be no second chance. So, your Elevator Pitch should contain the following three parts:

  • Past – big picture of your previous achievements
  • Critical juncture – why you left your job (positive story)
  • Future – type of an organization you’re looking to work at &what value can you add

One of the suggestions I received was to make a  career mission for all job hunters. Another tip was to always ask people whom you network with if there are any other people in that organization whom you could talk to. One more great tip that I actually used myself to obtain a position in the past – offer to volunteer for the company you’d like to work at. The most interesting discovery was that recruiters don’t usually help you find a job, they’re just selling you. Who really helps you is Executive Search Consultants. Get the Handbook of Executive Search Consultants – use it to find a search consultant whom you could help with referrals and who perhaps will help you to find that dream-job.

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