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I am Anna Stevens, an MBA candidate at GA State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business – Professional MBA Program. Before I enrolled on this MBA program, I had had a great deal of challenge choosing between several different MBA opportunities in Atlanta, GA.

Anna Stevens

Anna Stevens

Why did I choose PMBA at J. Mack Robinson College of Business? How hard was it to get accepted? What tests did I have to take prior to that? Is it possible for an immigrant to keep up with PMBA in terms of English language? What happened after I had been accepted? How is the life of a graduate student? How do you balance your school/work/family when on the program? Is the program valuable at all? All this questions will be answered in this blog. Do you have your own? Ask me by posting a comment!

This blog is aimed for professionals, with at least 4 years of working experience, who are currently looking to advance their education by obtaining an MBA degree. If you have any specific questions about PMBA or would like to attend an open house, call 404-413-7042 or e-mail pmba@gsu.edu


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