About the PMBA Program

Are you a professional with at least 4 years of working experience? Are you looking to build success?

Prepare for the future with PMBA!

To keep pace in today’s complex business landscape, professionals need a portfolio of skills and real-world experience. The Professional MBA program is designed to help students develop the educational grounding to compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

The teaching approach here combines real-world application with dynamic class forums, case studies, lectures and student presentations.

The Professional MBA program is offered in a 24-month format. The program is offered at three locations: the Alpharetta, Buckhead and Peachtree-Dunwoody campuses.

A hallmark of Robinson’s PMBA program is its lockstep format. Students work together with the faculty as a cohort, proceeding through the classes as a group. This lockstep format fosters peer learning, an atmosphere of collaboration, and allows students to build lifelong business networks.

This students’ blog will give you valuable insights on the PMBA program: the interview process, the enrollment, how classes are organized, what great professional tools students are being offered, for example a great deal of FREE networking events, career couching, career EXPOs, workshops, trainings, personal and professional assessments and so forth.

To ensure that you get all of or latest updates straight in your e-mail box on a regular basis, FOLLOW our blog and we guarantee that you will be given the most valuable insights to help you make your final decision choosing an MBA program for future success.

5 thoughts on “About the PMBA Program

  1. mona afua bandoh says:

    I met one of your MBA professors at an event for the Hong Kong business association approximately 2 months ago. He provided me with his card but I have unfortunately misplaced it. He also advised me of the 12mth MBA program and I want to discuss further.

    Can you please advise me of who he is? Or is there anyone I can discuss this with? My name is Mona, email bandohk7@gmail.com, 678-549-8317.


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