Poster Presentation Today

Today for our Organizational Behavior class we had to produce and deliver poster presentations about the book that is of interest to each of us and is also relevant to OB. I must admit it was a little challenging to me as never before did I have to do something like this. But luckily on Wed this week I forgot my parking ticket when went to the campus. Looking for someone to borrow the ticket from, I arrived to a class that just happen to deliver the same type of presentation that evening to my professor. Having observed what it was about I had no problem creating one. In fact, see me presenting below. I chose Search Inside Yourself by Google’s engineer “Meng”. I had the actual book on the iPad-2 as an e-book. Also, I had little cards with quotes from the book and I gave those away to people who asked most questions. Below are the behind-the-scenes pictures I took to share with you. Hope this helps you understand what kinds of projects we do while on PMBA at Robinson.

anna stevens












Anna Stevens


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